Contractors Liability Insurance California is a general type of insurance. It bears the risk of liabilities imposed by the law suits and some other similar claims. Originally these companies created an organization or a self help fund which helps the member of the company to incur the loss if any member is in trouble. Liability insurance is designed for helping the people if they incur any loss. This policy provides protection to the people in case the customers bear any loss regarding their house that may cause due to fire, thunder or any other natural calamities.

Contractors liability insurance California is designed in such a way that it offers protection against the third party insurance claimers. That means the payment is actually made to the claimers or the person who is suffering from the damage. The contactors of California generally provide housing insurance to the people. But if the damage is caused intentionally the insurance company is not responsible for that. When a person made a claim it is the responsibility of the contractor to provide security to the claimer.

Generally these insurance can be of large amount or small amount insurance. These liability insurance mainly performs two major duties: the duty to indemnify and the duty to defend.

The duty of defend is mainly triggered and when the insured issued. The insurer may deny the claim under certain specific condition. If the insurer caused any damage intentionally the company is not bound to give compensation against that. In some cases it is the duty of the member of the insurance company to give the compensation during a particular period which is mentioned in the insurance paper. The claimer of the compensation must get his required amount without any inconvenience. The claimer also has the right to submit a complain paper to the Contractors Liability Insurance California if he or she does not get the return within time.

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