According to a study conducted by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) on fifty-one American Tennis Champions, it was found that a majority of them attributed their success primarily to emotional and mental toughness. Most coaches and tennis players agree that when competitors are almost equally capable, the player with the best tennis mental training generally wins close matches. It is, therefore, important for tennis players to attain the optimum level of mental clarity and alertness. A state of mind where there is a perfect blend of awareness and relaxation which makes it possible for athletes to achieve superhuman performances is known as ‘The Zone’.

Tennis Mental Training: Laying the Foundation of ‘The Zone’

Playing tennis in the zone largely depends upon the ways in which a player uses his eyes, brain and his body; his visual/cognitive/motor operating system. Proper tennis mental training and appropriate physical training help an athlete to develop these desirable tennis habits, which make him or her totally confident of his or her preparation. In this scenario, there is a tendency for the conscious mind to automatically trust the subconscious mind of being capable of controlling and coordinating all the tennis habits that have been programmed into the player through physical and mental training. This makes it possible for players to enter the zone.

One of the best ways to get into the zone is by simply practicing it during tennis mental training sessions and thinking of absolutely nothing while hitting the ball. Clear your mind, let you body ie. muscle memory, remember how to hit the ball for you.

Despite the best tennis mental training, there are certain things that can become barriers to entering the zone. Improper nutrition, the lack of proper sleep and rest, tension and anxiety just before a big game are some of the obstacles that distract players.

Through the coordination of tennis mental training and physical training, a player can gradually learn the technique of entering and staying in the zone.

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