The other day, I received an email asking about treadmill training. For general fitness and weight loss, treadmills are great. There is no difference in terms of caloric burn between a treadmill and running outside.

Here are the benefits of tennis fitness training on a treadmill:

Weather – you can train no matter what the weather is outside.

Interval training – you can do interval training on a treadmill.

Pace – running on a treadmill allows you to know your pace at all times.

Hills – most treadmills allow you to do resistance hill work.

Cushion – most treadmills are softer than concrete or asphalt.

Endurance training – the treadmill is a great way to increase your endurance.

Here are the disadvantages of tennis training on a treadmill:

Forward training – on a treadmill you only train forward. For tennis you need to move in five dimensions.

Lateral movement – you do not do any training laterally.

Speed training – though you can do speed training on a treadmill, it is no easy.

Strength training – though hill work will build strength, it is only in one direction.

Flexibility – you sill still need to incorporate flexibility into your tennis training program. The treadmill workouts by themselves do not address this.

In conclusion, running on a treadmill provides many benefits to your tennis training. They are a great part of a tennis fitness program, but they are not a complete system. A complete tennis training system incorporates speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

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I help tennis players like you to get in shape and dramatically improve your tennis game in a mere matter of weeks