The “core” of an individual’s body is made up of the pelvic girdle, trunk and deep muscles of the spine and abdomen. Proper training of these core muscles provides a stable base for generating power and a strong core enables the player to control the power. As such, good core strength training routine is a crucial for tennis players.

Tennis Exercises: Benefits of Core Strength Training

Core strength training exercises are super important for tennis because:

A core strength training routine increases control and endurance of the extremity muscles.

Good core strength allows signals to travel more quickly to the leg muscles. As a result, a player can move faster and more powerfully on the court. This provides players a winning edge over opponents.

A strong core enhances posture and prevents injury.

Core strength training in tennis exercises prevents injury by improving the player’s posture. Bad posture results in poor running technique that can cause injuries such as tendonitis and shin splints. Stable core muscles from tennis workout improve a players’ balance and control over their body. Good core strength enables the muscles to generate force in the trunk, rather than in the arms, shoulder and wrist, thus minimizing the risk of injury.

Core strength Improves reactions on the court.

Core strength training also improves a player’s reactions on the court. A strong core allows for sharper in changing directions, stretching forward to hit a shot and enhances quickness around the court. Have you ever heard the phrase – “good hands” well, improved reactions also mean you can make that tough reaction volley. Trust me, you’ll be hearing “good hands” quite a bit. Just smile politely and nod to your opponent when you do.

Core Strength Increases power.

Training and tightening up of core muscles from tennis fitness drills leads to accurate and powerful shots on the court. Core strength training activates both the core and peripheral muscles, which results in more accurate shots. A strong core leads to easy power. Have you seen a player that looks like they’re not trying, but the ball just takes off of their racquet? Well that’s easy power, that’s what core strength can do for you.

For a great core tennis fitness workout, check out our core training module. But to mix it up, core strength training can also be done with the help of stability board, medicinal ball and balance ball. Dumbbells and other free weight equipment can also be used to give different types of movements to the muscles.

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