Human beings are physically active creature and they suffer from a lot of diseases and injuries. Tennis elbow is one such injury. This type of injury is generally suffered by sportsperson. In this article we are going to discuss about tennis elbow and its cure recuperation method using aides like Tennis Elbow Braces.

Tennis Elbow

It was Runge who brought forward the description of the condition first in around 1876. But it was Major in 1883 who coined the name first in his paper “LAWN TEBBIS ELBOW”. This injury has many names. Some of them are “hooter’s elbow” or “archer’s elbow”. Tennis Elbow is an injury the elbow wherein becomes tender and sore especially in the outer part. In terms of medical science the injury is also called “LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS” which means “inflammation of the outer elbow bone”.

• Experiencing pain on the outer part of the elbow.
• The outer part of the elbow bone becomes sore and thereby showing prominent part of the bone outside the elbow.
• Various hand movement activities which are accompanied by the movement of the elbow are painful.
• Experiencing stiffness in the morning is another symptom.
Risk Factors

• The first and foremost reason for Tennis Elbow is the age factor. With growing age people become more susceptible to this type of injury. Tennis Elbow Braces is very needful for them.
• Very frequent and forceful movement of the arm putting a lot pressure on the elbow region leads to wear and tear of tendons resulting tennis elbow. To avoid such painful experience the use of tennis elbow braces is suggested.
Physical therapy is the first and foremost treatment that could be given to a patient suffering from Tennis Elbow. Epicondylitis Clasp or Tennis Elbow Brace are the most commonly used product for physical therapy. Its main purpose is to provide support to the elbow region as it suffers extra amount of pressure during hand movement activities. It is very important that it should fit the elbow region properly. There are a variety of these braces available in the market. Some of them are padded, some of them are simple Gel-e-roll bandages, some are gel-based sleeves for the elbow region, some are Neoprene Elbow Sleeves, some are Magnetic Elbow Support, some are Silopads, and some are Pneumatic Armbands and many more. These are specially designed armbands to provide support and are designed according to the movement performed by the patient.
Although this injury is very common and its treatment is very simple for the availability of tennis elbow braces; but it’s also true that prevention is better than cure. Using proper arm movement technique in sports, using proper arm bands can help preventing this injury.

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