Ten Ways to Prevent Narcissistic Re-victimization

One of the greatest fears of those in recovery from narcissistic abuse is re-victimization. People feel powerless against the covert mind control used by narcissists to trap unknowing victims. Knowledge is power. Awareness is protection. Adhere to the following guidelines and you are guaranteed all the power and protection you will ever need to thwart the efforts of the insidious narcissistic prowler. Armed with these ten weapons you need not fear anyone anymore.

Practice setting boundaries with those who wish you had none.

Become fiercely protective of yourself and your peace of mind to the degree that you refuse to let ANYONE violate you.

Trust your intuition, that initial feeling you get when you interact with a toxic person. Don’t dismiss your gut-feeling and over-think how you feel. Your intuition will never fail you. Your mind can easily fool you.

Allow into your life only those who prove, without a doubt, that they are trustworthy. Don’t give ANYONE the benefit of the doubt or look for someone’s potential. It is not your job to fix others. Expect people to clean-up their own lives, as you have had to clean up yours.

Be cautious of highly charismatic individuals. They are often manipulators in disguise.

Beware of fiery instant chemistry. Don’t make ANY decisions under the influence of euphoria. Your thinking will be impaired and your resistance disarmed.

Alert to those who claim to have lives or preferences that uncannily mirror yours. It is likely an act to convince you they are trustworthy.

Take your time getting to know people. Do not be rushed into friendships or relationships. Do not bring strangers into your home or expose your children to them, and definitely do not go to their homes until they have been THOROUGHLY vetted. Always meet in public places.

Abstain from sharing personal information with people you do not know well. Manipulators interview potential victims through seemingly innocent conversation and attentive listening. They will use this information at a later date to hurt you in ways specific to your sensitivities and vulnerabilities.

Ask reliable sources for their opinions when you do not trust your judgment, and then heed their advice.

Author's Bio: 

Randi Fine is a dedicated pioneer in the narcissistic abuse movement and a narcissistic personality disorder abuse expert. She is a radio show host, author, and Coach/Counselor living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Through her wealth of experience, insight, and wisdom, she offers hope, compassion, and healing to others. Randi is the author of the groundbreaking new book, Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: The Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Guide to Healing and Recovery. As a Coach/Counselor, Randi specializes in (but is not limited to) helping others work through issues relating to relationship codependency, narcissistic personality disorder abuse, emotional boundaries, letting go of the past, and letting go of unhealthy guilt. Her blog is read in 180 countries around the globe. She hosts the blog talk-radio show, A Fine Time for Healing: A Sanctuary for Your Emotional Well-being. On her popular show she interviews the top people in their fields, discussing self-help and spiritual life-skill topics that heal and enhance the life experiences of others.