The unavailability of funds led the marketing professionals to take it upon themselves to learn secrets behind SEO methods. A good simple Google search will reveal a wealth of information, including some of the top 10 search engine optimization tips.

To begin, search engine optimization begins with a high-quality website, complete with top-notch content and optimized graphics. You'll also want to make sure the page speed loads properly as this will now have an impact on your rankings. Once you've determined your site is the best it can be, it's time to start implementing the top 10 search engine optimization tips.

These top 10 SEO tips should help get you started:

Do your SEO keyword research by typing in your word or phrase into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Your SEO efforts should be focused on only one or two longer-tail keywords, establishing what is known as 'link equity'. Doing this will give you better rankings.

See to that your links contain a valid hyperlink back to your website. Check to make sure your link actually works. Your rankings depend on these links so these are very crucial in your SEO efforts.

Begin building links daily back to your website. Devote an hour or two daily to this effort.

Remember, it's all about the links! The more links, or referrals for your website, the better!

Your links should be built through using only approved methods, like forums, article submissions, and blog commenting.

Try to focus on only one link-building method and build links using only this method.

Make it a point to do 50 to 100 links monthly using only this one method.

Only use ethical SEO practices. Don't reciprocal link!

Be patient. SEO is a long-term commitment. You can't expect good results in just a snap. This takes patience and hard work.

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