Becoming a good driver not only needs skills to develop but there are many other things to consider to be called an expert driver. After completing a driving course and getting the license, most of people grow a feeling of expertness and it causes accidents.
New drivers usually do many mistakes while they are on highways. Here are 10 common mistakes you should not do any more to be an expert driver:
1. Controlling of brakes
When you drive on highways you should have strong control over brakes. This feature is missing among new drivers. Most of the accidents happen when brakes fail due to the control-less speed of the car.
2. Wrong parking
While parking on roads, keep the indicators on. Check the rearview properly in the mirror and then park slowly. Doing a hurry or extra confidence can cause accidents. Remember parking is one of the important skills associated with driving.
3. Wrong gear
Choose the right gear when you drive or when you keep the car in a standing position. Put the gear according to the speed while the car is in motion. Learn the proper use of gears. Otherwise, it can cause a big risk.
4. Lack of concentration
Don’t stay dreamy or emotional while on highways. Though driving is your passion your insincere behavior will invite life-threatening incidents. So, stay strongly concentrated on the task you are doing. A lack of concentration may cause risks.
5. Speed
It is the key cause of why road accidents have been increased alarmingly. Whether you are a new driver or you are driving for years, increasing speed is ever harmful. Who knows when an unwanted situation will arise? When you are at low speed you can control the steering in critical situations.
6. Unrealistic confidence
Don’t overestimate your abilities when you are handling a vehicle on busy roads. One mistake of you can be devastating for other transports and people on roads. May you have lots of skills but driving on hilly roads, over-crowded area, and rainy or snowy road conditions are not easy indeed. Overconfidence can kill your life and others too.
7. Away from safety practices
Most of the new drivers fail to maintain safety practices while driving. Maintain the safety issues as you eat food while getting hungry. It is the basic awareness when you are taught by the best driving instructor Parramatta. Being safe is the only motto of a skilled driver.
8. Distraction
Don’t do mistakes like a distraction. Drivers get diverted by loud music, mobile phone operation, talking, eating, and even sleeping. Having a good sleep last night is a great driving tip on highways. It is a job to know how focused you are. So, don’t lose it by any mean.
9. Faulty night driving
While driving at night, be more careful than usual. Adjusting the headlight is one of the most important considerations at night. Carefully handle lights and indicators.
10. Not seeking help
The driver’s mistake includes not asking help from anyone. Asking help is a truly professional feature of a skilled driver. If you are feeling stressed or helpless ask help to others.
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