You have watched a Saturday night show, shopped and dined your
heart out on Sunday and here you are with a sinking feeling the

weekend is over and you are back to work on Monday checking

plethora of emails... instead of facing Monday blues, would you

prefer to have some practical tips to love and stay happy in your

job…In fact, coupling with that time of the year where many decide

to fend for new greener pastures!

Have you heard of that saying, “The grass is never greener on the

other side; if you even water your side, you may have far greener

pastures for the year.” If you find yourself longing for greener work

pastures only due to not being happy and content at work, then

here are some powerful tips that can be your ten commandments

to bring high engagement with your workplace.

1. Make a list of what you actually love to do at work

Make a laundry list of all such aspects of the job that you love to

do. No tasks can be too big or too small for this list. Once you

complete this list, visualize your dream job tasks and find the

overlaps. This way you will be more thankful for the list of tasks

that you already do. If you do not see any commonality, then start

figuring out what are the different tasks you will need to here to get

that difference in your job. Apply for a job rotation, enrichment or

lateral hiring to make a difference in your profile. Your dream job

description will also be an eye-opener for you for the competencies

that you aren’t qualified for. This assessment will also open up the

avenues to learning and broadening your mindset.

2. Keep a barrier between personal and professional identities

Personal life issues can suck out the energy out of your day and

can encroach your professional space. When you're preoccupied

with personal issues, it's difficult to concentrate or be happy at

work. There will always be something unsettled at the personal

level; hence, keeping them at bay when you come to work will only

let you focus and be more productive at work. Again, you work for

more than 9 hours and travel for at least 2 hours. With 11-12 hours

utilized at work space, it is imperative to keep balanced mindset at


3. Develop your Support system at Office

Studies have proved that human beings are social animals and

feel connected with like-minded people with similar backgrounds,

culture, and lifestyle preferences. When you have your own circle

of connects to ease your stress or voice your feelings, you start

feeling at home. Working in silos can only create an unsaid

boundary in work relationships. You may not have to expand your

network only on Linked in or such professional platforms. Creating

internal support networks can prove beneficial for organizational

culture as well as high productivity. If you have recently joined,

even the most organized tasks can look mean and unmanageable.

Delegating the tasks as well as seeking necessary help from your

team members does not reduce your credibility.

4. Personalize your Cubicle

Considering that you spend more time at your cubicle than what

you do in your kitchen or bed, it is reasonable and more logical to

manage and personalize your work space. In fact, organisations

today run many initiatives in decorating their cubicles as part of

their cultural or team engagement drives. By bringing your little

knickknacks or keeping your desk organized can bring more

positivity and oneness and makes one certainly more comfortable


5. Take breaks

Practising desktop yoga or quick stretches at the work space itself

can ease the tension of your neck muscles. Taking sufficient

breaks to keep yourself hydrated or a stroll to the water cooler

itself can be quite refreshing. Opting for a healthy diet to combat

stress in a new job or high-demanding job will keep your health

quotient in check. Deep breathing and mindful exercises also keep

you focused and less stressed. Participating in Friday employee

welfare initiatives could build more energy in you and give you that

necessary recharge after a stressful week.

6. Up your Happiness Quotient

Banking, Consulting, Outsourcing, Reporting and more such roles

can be quite sedentary. A few minutes taken to move around the

bay can help you hold real and soulful conversations. It will also

help you to strike a chord with your team members and spread

liveliness around. This also increases your visibility as well as your

intent to connect with people. By creating positive associations,

7. Stay Focused

It is impossible to love your job if you are mindlessly perusing

through social media or shopping sites. Try to be in the present

with the tasks at hand. If you have free time and find yourself

under utilized, one could volunteer for extra projects, dashboard

analysis or engagement initiative drives. It will not only prune your

cognitive abilities but also set the right impressions with your

manager. Setting smaller goals per day will keep you excited and

positively engaged with your job. It also adds to your motivation

and confidence levels in the long run.

8. List down your ‘Gratitude’ list

Identify the things that you like at work, even if they are small or

big or quite mundane. It could be that ‘Hello’ that you share

everyday with your co-workers, or the view from your office window

or for that matter that regular cup of tea that kick starts your day.

Many a times, we have seen employees counting and wasting

their time on negatives. Worrying oneself on the negatives may

cause you unnecessary stress and anxiety. Whereas, focusing on

the positives can be motivating and optimistic of your current


9. Don’t wait to be rewarded

I have always believed in the power of reward mechanism

however, in the last 14 years of mentoring leaders, I have noticed

people waiting for their managers to acknowledge their work and

duly reward them. You may not be able to change the perspectives

of your boss but one could create small rewards for your work.

Whether it is a movie ticket, dine out with colleagues or friends, a

salon service, a new bestseller or simply that red blouse that you

always wanted to purchase from a branded store. Such self made

treats keep you going and uplifts your mood at work.

10. Remind yourself of your Purpose

When the going gets tough, one could look back at the primary

purpose of you joining the job. Situations and people do change

however, if you keep in mind the reasons of accepting that job

offer, will help you to sail through the rainy days. Certainly, that

activates your efforts to assess the situation and create a change

plan for yourself.Going by the phrase ‘jumping from oil to fire’

holds true even today. Being complacent to the good things and

constantly worrying on the negatives could drive you to worse or

similar situation in a new job.

Remember the 3 R rule Review your Purpose and Benefits,

Rejuvenate your mind and day at work, and Recharge your goals,

role, and competencies. Seeking a deeper meaning and having a

set of reflective measures will keep you grounded, positive and


The writer of this article is a mentor, coach and internationally

certified facilitator. She also leads a Training Solutions brand that

was recently recognized as Top 10 Personality Development

institutions in India by Silicon India. Under her leadership, she has

catalysed transformations of individuals, institutions and

corporates with more than 15000+ manhours of trainings

conducted in the last three years.

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