Brochure designing is among the most coveted professions in this generation of E-commerce and online marketing. It requires both technical skills and aesthetic sense to create brochures that are effective. Effectiveness of a brochure does not lie in its information content but on its saleability. Brochure creation though a specialized task has now become convenient due to availability of online web design platforms. Many of these platforms being template based enable creation of brochures and websites with minimal effort.

Many of these templates being free or low cost make brochure designing simple and affordable. It is now possible to create attractive and effective POS materials without the involvement of experts. Another significant advantage of these template based pamphlets is that they could be used for both online and offline publicity. Whether being used in their digital online format or offline print format, these publicity materials are universally useful.

Digital format enables scrolling of text, embedding videos, insertion of links and a worldwide distribution. It opens up immense opportunities for the online advertiser or website owner. Some popular brochure templates that are currently used include:

Travel brochure template – This template is typically bi-fold in nature with ample space dedicated to photographs. Photographs are used on the cover and prompt viewers to read the details in the remaining pages. As a bi-fold format offers four faces, the possibility of creativity is sufficient.

Adventure brochure template – This ideally is a tri-fold brochure detailing the adventure activities of a tourist destination. Adventure tourism being now a craze among travellers of all ages and from different territories, organisations promoting these are right now buoyant. Demand for these POS material as of now is considerably high.

Keynote brochures – Current generation companies prefer to have simple publicity materials. They mainly opt for brochures with minimalist design. This template unlike the earlier ones could be customised in terms of size and layout. Professional companies and industrial units have a weakness for this template.

Academic brochures – Education is a vital activity and any website dealing with it attracts viewers in thousands every day. Templates for this design are also very simple and divided into several parts. This suits educational institutes well as they offer multiple subjects and many combinations. Not much of flowery language should be used in creating these pages. Places of public interests like museums and art galleries prefer to use this scholastic template.

Passport brochure – This is variation of a catalogue that runs into several pages. Advertisers willing to show case their items in an organised fashion opt for passport brochure templates. This template allows for separating contents from images thereby making the task simpler for affordable web design services. Brochure of this category are well organised and are preferred by organisations dealing in multiple commodities or services.

Real estate brochures – As these brochures are aimed for high value item, they are designed with great care. There is an elite appearance of pamphlets based on this structure.

The options available online is actually fascinating and enable you to create POS materials of your choice.

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