The transmission of your car is what keeps it running. Whether you are a truck or a car owner it is part of your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle’s transmission is in top form. As with truck owners the issue is no less painstaking. Early detection of truck transmission related problems can save you from spending a huge sum of money on repairs and will further help in prevention of any kind of serious damage which can later arise with use. Look for these 10 telltale signs which indicate an impending problem with the transmission of the vehicle: 

Problem in switching gears 

The first and the most determining sign which tells something has gone off with the transmission is when you notice the vehicle struggling to shift gear. The sign tells about an ongoing issue with the transmission. Wrong transmission or reduced level of transmission fluid is often blamed for such scenarios. 

Burning smell 

Did you just come across some kind of burning odour emanating from the truck? Stop the truck right there. It means an impending trouble with the transmission which can only be solved by intervention of a licensed mechanic. The burning odour simply tells that there has been an overheating of the transmission fluid which has started to burn. Quick! Call up a licensed truck mechanic in Kemps Creek for early diagnosis of the issue. 

Neutral Noises 

A sure-fire sign that your truck’s transmission is not working properly is when you start hearing weird sounds coming from the vehicle as soon as you pull the gear stick to its neutral mode. It will either mean that the vehicle needs replacement of transmission fluid or that an expensive repair is pending. 

Slipping gears 

One of the most alarming among signs which tell the transmission is not in sound condition is when the truck’s gear suddenly starts to slip. When the gear slips impulsively the scenario turns dangerous for the driver. If you notice the gear slip, do not hesitate to call up transmission repair experts in Badgerys Creek

Dragging clutch 

A prominent telltale sign indicating a problem with the truck’s transmission is a dragging clutch which is unable to disengage its disk from its flywheel while you press your foot on the pedal. 

Fluid leakage 

Leakage of transmission fluid is one of the simplest ways to determine a problem with the transmission of the truck. If you come across red fluid seeping from underneath the truck, allow a mechanic to check the transmission of the vehicle. 

Check the engine lights 

When you find the engine light showing on the dashboard it can mean various things, starting from minor to serious problems with the transmission. Call up a technician immediately. 

Grinding and shaking 

If you find your truck making grinding noise or shaking it’s a sure shot indication for a transmission related problem. 

Humming sounds 

Did you just come across any kind of humming, clunking or whining noise? Ask a mechanic to have a look at the truck. 


Unresponsiveness is when the car will refrain from responding whenever you try changing the gears. 

Are you facing any of these problems with your truck? Quick! Call up experts who will fix the problem. 

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The author runs a well renowned transmission repair company in Badgerys Creek. In recent times the author has been sharing details about truck transmission related problems through blogs.