Oven is the heart of any kitchen and if it fails to function, cooking process comes to a halt. From breakfast to dinner, homeowners depend upon oven and slight damage or internal malfunction can hinder the cooking process and make life difficult. If you are facing recurring issues with your oven or if it's heating up slower than usual, keep reading this post to explore the underlying causes of why isn’t your oven heating up and seek professional assistance in case the repair is beyond your control.

Why Isn’t Your Oven Heating Up? 

Dealing with a faulty oven can be pretty frustrating and if you want to know the source of the problem, you need to be acquainted with the components of your appliance. A few key parts and components can be responsible behind “why isn’t my oven hot”?

Common Electric Oven Problems

  • Malfunctioning of Heating Elements:- A common issue that prevents oven from heating up is internal malfunction of the heating elements. If heating elements are in good working condition, they start glowing in a bright red colour as soon as you turn on your oven and in case any malfunction happens; your oven will fail to give the red glowing color whenever you switch it on.
  • Defect in the Sensor:- In case of an electric oven, the temperature sensor is often responsible for regulating the oven temperature and activating heating elements for cooking. A faulty sensor cannot make your oven meet the desired temperature and hence, slow down the cooking process. In most cases, replacing this sensor by professionals offering oven repairs in Brisbane is all that it takes to make your oven function properly.

Typical Gas Oven Issues

  • Broken or Faulty Thermostat:- The thermostat inside your oven has a big impact on the smooth functioning of your appliance. Even slight damage in the thermostat can prevent your oven from heating up properly and demand professional oven repairs in Ipswich. 
  • Poor Calibration:- Gas ovens need to be calibrated to attain the desired heating temperature. Most gas ovens feature a calibration dial near the bottom of the oven. If your appliance starts behaving abruptly, recalibrating this dial can help you resolve the heating issue.
  • Damaged Ignitor:- A broken or damaged ignitor may not be able to heat up your oven at all. So if you are unable to figure out why your oven isn’t heating up, this can be a potential cause. A damaged ignitor must be replaced to restore the smooth functioning of your oven and minimise safety risks associated with uninterrupted gas flow.

Final Words

Oven not heating up is a common issue faced by majority of the homeowners and the above-mentioned points can be the potential culprits. If you notice any malfunctioning in your appliance, don’t hesitate to call a technician to fix the issue at an instant.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a trained specialist offering oven repairs in Ipswich, and Brisbane for many years and applies latest tools and techniques to make your oven run like new.