My clients and I seem to talk a lot about implementing referral systems in business. Once a client and I have set up a few of the 10 steps of the Client Attraction System, there always comes a time when referrals (or shall we say, the lack of them) becomes the hot topic to focus on in our coaching.

In fact, almost everyone I speak to about his or her business does almost nothing to generate referrals, preferring instead to wait for them to self-generate. Problem is, these referrals don’t always come as quickly as we’d like, right? And for many people, it often feels awkward to come right out and ask (although I have ways and systems for that too.)

Well, there is a whole list of things you can do to get more referrals, instead of leaving it to chance. Here’s one of them:


If you plant the seed very early in a client relationship that you will not only ASK for a referral, but that this is actually CUSTOMARY and that your clients make it a habit to send you referrals, the client will think about this throughout the duration of the time they are working with you. Each time they talk to you or think of you, they’ll be thinking about doing “their part” in helping you build your business through referrals.

One of my clients (a neuromuscular therapist in private practice) added a section to her welcome pack for new clients:

“As you may imagine, my practice grows mostly through word-of-mouth referrals. As you start getting great results from our therapeutic work, kindly tell others suffering from the same issues about these results. It’s in your best interest and here’s why: without you referring others to the practice, I may not be in business to help you next time you need me. So, that said, be sure toask for extra referral cards each time you come in. Many thanks.”

Your Assignment:

Look at your client process (all the points at which you make contact with your clients during your working relationship) and see where you could plant the seed early on to get your clients to refer others to you regularly. When you’ve figured out what to do, make it systematic. Once you implement it as a Client Attraction referral system, you’ll have more time to focus on other things, like delivering the great results your clients will talk about!

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