What it takes to succeed and make a great living with teleseminars is to repurpose your content in order to extend the revenue potential. It's one thing to offer a teleseminar and something completely different to know how to monetize the content in many ways.

The fact is repurposing teleseminar content can boost your business, your revenues and your expert status due to having more information out to market.

You can turn the call content into reports, articles, ebooks, tweets, blog posts and white papers to name just a few things.

There are various types of information products you can develop; those that are used specifically for building your opt-in subscriber list, those that are used as revenue generates and those that accomplish both list building and revenue generating opportunities.

If you're serious about making money with teleseminars you MUST begin sooner than later to repurpose your content. I have turned the content from a free call into a low priced report many times. Each report generates thousands of dollars. That's money I would be leaving on the table if I wasn't repurposing.

To develop sellable information products following three criteria must be met. Choose a topic where...

· People are looking for information.

· They are willing to spend money on that information.

· You are interested and knowledgeable about this topic. The more of an expert you are viewed as, the better.

On the first point, if people are not looking for your type of information, you likely won't succeed with it.

On the second point, if they are not willing to spend money on your information products you need to rethink the topic. After all, aren't you in the game of product development to make money?

Third, you need to be somewhat passionate about the topic to keep your own level of interest high. Although the third point is optional due to your being able to sell affiliate and PLR products, I recommend it if you are going to stay interested and motivated to promote your own information products.

You have the option of choosing something you love or something that is popular. Make teleseminars and all subsequent efforts fun by choosing a market that you enjoy. The best scenario is where the topic is something you love AND is popular.

When I began making money with teleseminars several years ago, I never dreamed it could be so good. But it is. And it can be for you too! All you need is the right guidance by a mentor who cares about your success.

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