Covid-19 is the catalyst that pushes for remote collaborations. Telepresence is the right solution, in a class apart when compared to video conferencing. It is designed to fit into legal proceedings and suit evolving legal industry. It helps to save time, effort and money. The legal industry can do more in less time with a suitable telepresence solution at hand.

Improve quality of remote consultation

Corporate clients retain legal firms for a variety of purposes. Telephone conversations can take care of minor stuff but it is necessary for teams to meet for extended discussions. This entails travel and the attendant waste of time. Telepresence meetings with the help of telepresence solution facilitate important decision making and improve quality of interaction.

  • It is easy to set up a telepresence conference in minutes. Busy lawyers and executives need not waste time on travel.
  • Telepresence offers higher resolution and that vital eye contact leading to the feeling that you are talking to a person right across the table.
  • Even more important is the facility to whiteboard, present and exchange documents and finalize.
  • “Huddle” and have private chat, excluding the other party for a short duration
  • Team leaders can engage in one-on-one talks at will. In a regular meeting this would mean other team members would have to walk out of the room or the two people would have to go to another room. No one is inconvenienced.
  • You could even incorporate digital signature to sign documents and make transactions official during the telepresence meet.
  • You can carry only a limited amount of documents or reference materials to the meeting. When each party joins a remote meeting they are in familiar surroundings with access to all relevant materials and that means work is not help up on that account.

Travel not only takes away your time but also induces stress and that can have a negative bearing on work and personal health of executives and legal professionals.

Judicial proceedings

Given the current Covid-19 scare governments would do well to encourage judiciary to make more use of telepresence system put in place by telepresence solution development Company. Normal proceedings involve the presence of lawyers, judges and witnesses in addition to other officials. Members of the public may also be present. It is likely that when officials touch paper documents and exchange it with witnesses, lawyers and judges they may come in contact with health compromising infections. This risk is not likely to go away any time soon. Governments can keep judicial proceedings going on at full speed and prevent accumulation of load on the judiciary. Justice is delivered fast when you have telepresence to help you take up and dispose off legal matters. As in the above corporate case, it is easy for documents to be viewed through the telepresence screen and to be taken on record.

Lawyer-lawyer interaction

Two layers in different cities or teams of lawyers may need to interact. Again, telepresence solves the irksome issues of time and travel. In fact, telepresence can be useful as a way for lawyers and paralegals to work together on cases without moving from their desks when they are in the same building. Time is of the essence for legal firms that have limited manpower and a huge load of work to get through within a time frame. This is where modern technologies help and should be resorted to. Just get a telepresence solution development company put together a solution that works for you.

Legal firms are going global and yet the way of working has not changed much. Telepresence brings about a dramatic positive improvement in team collaboration and cost reductions in addition to speed of resolution.

Telepresence, not video conferencing

At the top you have established brand names whose telepresence solutions cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting them beyond the reach of some legal professionals and even making it difficult for governments to allocate budgets. This is where custom telepresence development makes a difference to costs and performance as well as ease of use. The last is a factor to consider since, if you include too many complexities, those using the system are likely to fumble around and this impedes proceedings. Telepresence is full HD, offers seamless, jitter-free video and assures more security than one of those apps like Zoom.

Take the case of a custom telepresence solution for Kimble Associates. The main menu has only a few easily identifiable buttons, making it easy for veteran lawyers not familiar with technology to actually enjoy using the facility. That the proceedings can be recorded and reviewed further adds to the attraction of telepresence. Lawyers work on billable hours and taking travel out of the equation means more revenues or better services and more throughputs for the same costs to clients. Telepresence does not have to cost an arm and a leg provided you engage the right Telepresence solution providers.

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