Telemedicine has been around since the 1960s and has received more acceptance with each passing year. This COVID-19 pandemic has however led to the commencement of a new telemedicine era, making it the future of healthcare.
Indian surveys show that
‘Over 50% of Indian women are not sure if they need to visit a gynaecologist even when they have any symptoms or issues and almost 95% of women in some cities have never visited a gynecologist’

Feminism in India
These shocking statistics can be explained by factors such as ignorance of health and diseases, societal pressures, and taboo of women visiting a gynecologist especially before marriage and feeling ashamed or shy to visit a gynecologist due to lack of education or exposure.

With the introduction of telemedicine, there has been a steep rise in the percentage of women seeking gynecologist opinions from the comfort and security of their homes. This is a promising trend that will encourage physical visits and general awareness substantially among these women.

Some of the areas of gynecology where telemedicine proves to be the most useful are in:
• Spreading awareness and clearing doubts pre and post-pregnancy
• Identifying, managing and preventing postpartum depression
• Routine reviews in pregnant, lactating mothers who need constant support and assistance
• Women in premenopause or postmenopause who need support to manage their symptoms
• Review of blood investigation reports
• Planning of pregnancy
• Planning IVF treatments
• Pre or post-surgical assistance and management
• Review of medications
• Managing pregnancy-induced diabetes or hypertension by constant monitoring and advice on lifestyle changes
• Advice on sensitive topics such as intercourse, unplanned pregnancies, abortions, etc.

As seen above, telemedicine and teleconsultation can be a perfect way to make gynecological advice and expertise easily available to women from all walks of life.
This could be a stepping stone that paves the way for the generalised acceptance of these issues in the society and also help more women get access to these essential healthcare services.

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