Telemedicine/Teleconsultation/Telehealth/virtual-health/Virtual-consultation, etc., refers to one of the most recent advances in the health care industry. It is the use of the modern-day, readily and widely available communication devices such as mobile phones or computers to remotely access cutting-edge healthcare services from the comfort of one’s own home or anywhere in the world.
As the world comes to terms with this ongoing COVID19 pandemic, businesses are finding the best possible ways to work efficiently from home, and service providers are turning to more sustainable ways to provide their services at your doorstep. The healthcare service fraternity is also adapting quickly to the idea of providing health care without people having to always visit the clinic or hospital.
Avoiding a trip to a healthcare center has major benefits such as
• Time-saving for both the patient as well as the health care professional
• Avoiding the unnecessary risk of infection
• Possibility of connecting with a specific doctor irrespective of location, time zone or availability at the center
• Patients who are old, unable to travel, immuno-compromised, etc., do not have to go out of their comfort zones to avail healthcare services
• Those who are quarantined or confined at home due to COVID19 or any other infection do not have to risk infecting others
• Availability of expert advice and opinion to those living in remote areas
• Saves costs for both the health professional as well as the patient
Areas where telemedicine can be useful:
• Diagnosis of minor ailments or symptoms
• Prescription of some drugs based on the severity of the health issue
• Doctors can easily assess if the patient needs to visit the center for further treatment or might need an admission
• Health care providers can provide answers to basic questions or queries from patients regarding their health
• Mental health counseling can be given to patients who need encouragement or support while dealing with a health condition or who need to prepare for a hospital admission or a major surgery/procedure.
• Sometimes, when the vitals need to be monitored or extra information needs to be assessed, a nurse or healthcare assistant can visit the patient during the consultation with the doctor. In this way, the assistant/nurse will be able to carry out basic tests such as recording of vitals or collection of blood samples as and when the doctor needs it.
Thus, there are various benefits and advantages of telemedicine and the future lies in the use of such technology for the ease and betterment of services globally. Setting up an online telemedicine platform is now very easy and does not involve the use of complex hardware or software resources.
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