Teenage relationship break up is not always easy, matter of fact most break ups are not easy as a young person as well as an older person however as an old person they may have experiences of break up.

For many teenage, break up can have a very lasting effect on your future life and relationships with others.

Do not have a foundation

It is new for many teenagers to have a relationship; you do not have a foundation of breaking up, it is your first time in a new relationship, it may have been already awkward just to have a relationship.

For teenagers to be in a relationship not knowing what is ask of you is difficult, how to behave may be difficult because of your family background, you may come from abusive or dysfunctional family and may not realize it.

Right tools for breaking up

Because teenagers are now starting to learn about themselves and how to deal with the demands of society, like school and responsibility it may sometimes be difficult for you to have the right tools for breaking up.

Breaking up is difficult for teenagers because you may not know what you are looking for in relationship and breaking up may touch some emotional feelings that is not solve from your past and your home life.

Your job is to learn from it, such as did you trust in yourself, did you put yourself first, did you respect yourself and your limits during the relationship, and did you listen to your inner voice.

When teenagers break up, your mood may change and you may stay more at home or more to yourself.

Support you

Having a relationship with your parent or an adult figure that you can share with them and the difficulties you are going through can help you with the days ahead, they can be their to support you.

As a teenager you need to understand that it is alright to feel sad, lonely depress during a break up and that it does not say anything about you as a person only that it is a stage of your life and it may happen again before you meet the right person.

Feelings of loss

The difficult moments will eventually pass, it is important that you do not deny your feelings of loss, you may even blame yourself and feel you could of done something better, it is alright to feel this way, it will pass.

Getting involve

Your job is to learn from it, such as did you trust in yourself, did you put yourself first, did you respect yourself and your limits.

Get involve when you can with friends; allow them to support you by talking out your feelings.

Getting involve in sports will help you to change your mind and burn of some of the energy that would be focus on pain and sadness.

Conclusion:Many people pass through a teenage relationship break up and most people live through it to find happiness later on for this is part of the process in the learning experience of becoming an adult.

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