Ordinarily speaking, once you turn eighteen years of age the law in most states states that you're an adult. You may make your own choices and be responsible for your own actions. You may also enter into a contract to buy a car or truck, a house, or a Fortune 500 company. You may vote in elections and express your opinion as to how our political future is shaped. You may buy a gun; rent a vehicle. You may fight and die for your nation (if you’re a male you must register for selective service). You may marry your sweetheart; adopt a baby; get a passport and travel around the globe with your family. But you may not drink alcohol. Not just may you not drink alcohol, you may not purchase it or even keep a can of beer for someone else, opened or unopened, in public or in your own home.

Drinking underage is a criminal offense in most jurisdictions. In Virginia, for example, teenage drinking is a Class 1 Misdemeanor that carries fines of up to $2500, as much as 12 months in jail, mandatory alcohol counseling, and suspension of your license to drive for up to 6 months. If this charge is your first alcohol related charge, and you have no other criminal record, a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia can normally present your case to the judge in a way that permits you to perform community service and participate in alcohol counseling in exchange for a dismissal of your charges.

A criminal lawyer will also be able to hear your story and recommend whether to plead guilty or not guilty. Even though many people don’t like the fact, those people charged with crimes are glad to have cases dismissed on technical challenges. Underage alcohol possession charges, like every other criminal offense, has detailed legal elements, and each element must be proven before a judge may find anyone guilty of the offense. To many people teenage possession of alcohol may appear to be small; however, it is again a misdemeanor criminal charge that is equivalent to assault, brandishing a firearm, driving under the influence, and larceny.

When confronted with the charge of underage possession of alcohol, or any other misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, you ought to always speak with a criminal lawyer about your case. Criminal defense attorneys are specialists on the law and can advise you as to your legal rights and how you should proceed. Even if your best choice is to enter a guilty plea, an attorney will be certain that you receive fair treatment and the best possible result to your case.

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