The effects of teen acne go so much deeper than what you see on the outside. The world can be a cruel and judgmental place and a teenager’s world can be even more so. Often times you won’t know how deeply she is hurting inside. She feels ugly and hopeless, as though there is nothing can be done to help her, so whey even bother sharing how much she’s really hurting on the inside.

Acne can destroy self-confidence and self-esteem leaving a shell of the person that really lives inside. When a teen goes out into the world with a face covered in acne, she feels like the angry red bumps are all they see and that her acne defines who she is.

You know how it feels to wake up to a giant red blemish looming on your forehead or cheek. You want to crawl under the covers and hide until it’s gone. Now, imagine that the landscape of your beautiful face is dotted with red and inflamed pimples looking as though they would burst at the slightest nudge. Would you feel confident heading out the door and into a room full of people? Would you hold your head high as you peruse the isles of the grocery store? Probably not; you would probably hang your head, hide behind long hair and bangs, or avoid any public situation completely.

Acne is not only a painful skin condition, it keeps your teen from being all she can be; it keeps her from truly blossoming into the unique and wonderful person she is meant to be.

There is help for her though; help in the form of light. It isn’t risky, dangerous, or painful. Blue light therapy offers a non-invasive, drug-free, safe, and simple option for treating mild to moderate acne. Blue LED (light emitting diodes) wavelengths at 415 nanometers bathe the skin in a therapeutic light killing the acne causing bacteria, P. acnes.

Now, when you combine blue LEDs with red LEDs, you have a very powerful combination. The red LEDs penetrate into the skin accelerating the healing process decreasing the amount of time the pimple remains while also reducing scarring, diminishing inflammation, and reducing redness; in other words the blue lights kill and the red lights heal.

There was a study performed on 22 subjects who suffered with mild to severe acne. They were treated with blue and red LEDs for 20 minutes every 3 days alternating between the red and blue LEDS for a 12 week period. Their findings were more than impressive. By the 12 week follow up, the subjects showed an 81% reduction in lesions.

The teen in your life doesn’t have to feel hopeless. Blue/red light therapy can help her feel beautiful, confident, and bloom into who she really is. Before turning to something risky such as Accutane, why not try this gentle yet powerful therapy? Help her finally shake the haunting shadow of acne.

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