Technology Tuesday is also called Tech Tuesday. These tech events occur on Twitter. People share their tech discoveries with the hashtag #TechTuesday or #TuesdayTech.

In honor of Tech Tuesday, these are my recommendations for free online tools.

As you read this article, you will discover free tools to save time in the areas of video-editing, SEO, and social media.

I just discovered the Vimeo video editor. Although the tool doesn’t provide free stock images and video clips, I would use Vimeo again.

I liked how I didn’t need a 3rd-party tool like YouTube to be able to generate embed code to be able to put the video in my blog post.

Pinterest Downloader
Pinterest allows you to download images but not videos. There are many free 3rd-party tools that allow you to paste the video link and then download the video.
Downloading Pinterest images is even easier since you can download Pinterest images straight to your smartphone or desktop computer.
The link to provide source credit is available when you download.
For the less creative types like myself, being able to download videos and images legally is a huge time saver.
More information about downloading Pinterest images and videos can be found here:

Splice App
If you prefer to make your own videos, you can use the Splice App for iOS.
Splice is free, easy to use, and popular due to the extensive music library containing over 6,000 tracks.
If you don’t need a video editor that provides free stock images and video clips, and you are using an iOS device, I recommend Splice.
Here are more video editing choices and a Splice tutorial: Splice App Review and Tutorial:

SEOs spend a great deal of money on SEO tools. Moz, in fact, charges somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 per month to use Moz SEO tools.
Using MozBar saves you that cost. For free, you can use the keyword research tool with unlimited monthly queries. In addition, you can check the Domain Authority Ranking of your website and your competitors’ websites. You can also conduct competitive analysis by seeing your competitors’ meta descriptions.
More information about MozBar and a tutorial can be found here:

Free Word Cloud Maker
Whether you are a writer, a teacher, or a social media user, you want to engage your readers.
You can do so with a Word Cloud Maker.
Do you miss Wordle? The site folded. You can also use your Word Cloud as a Wordle alternative.
Here you will find more details and tutorials for free Word Cloud Makers:

Instagram Story Viewers for Desktop
Have you heard you can post Instagram stories from your desktop?
If so, what’s your favorite? Both Inssist and Combin are free. Although Combin is 100% free, Inssist is my go-to tool for posting stories to Instagram from my desktop. Inssist provides relevant hashtags that save me time.
You can see both paid and free choices for Instagram desktop story viewers here:

Wrapping Up: Technology News: How to Save Time Online with 6 Helpful, Free Tools
Some of these tools are new discoveries for me and some others are oldies but goodies. In both cases, in honor of Tech Tuesday, I wanted to share these gems with you.

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