Today's entrepreneur is much different from those of the past. Years ago an entrepreneur worked tirelessly on seemingly endless tasks such as ledger books and inventory. Today's entrepreneur is all about efficiency and technology. Why count inventory when we have barcode scanners, why keep ledgers when there's quick books and excel and why have multiple electronics when you have your phone?

Today's smart phones are a God send for the new entrepreneur, custom apps and programs that stream line the most basic of tasks create more time for us to focus in on the more important factors such as strategic planning and forecasting. Today's phones can keep up with inventory, manage databases, take credit card payments and even email or text invoices and receipts. There are thousands of apps already created for almost every task imaginable that will help you and your business be and appear to others as more efficient and tech savvy. This streamlining of some of your most common tasks will reduce your workload by hours, not to mention creating a faster transfer of knowledge between you and your employees, something that is vital for the budding business.

One of the newest and most popular trends for businesses is to create their own smart phone app that is a custom fit to their business and its needs. The possibilities for these apps are endless with a myriad of programmers capable of designing anything you can imagine and some things you cant, to make your business more productive. These apps also create a more involved feeling for your customers, allowing them to have a hands on approach to their services.

So upgrade your business to the 21st century and use your smart phone to its full potential. You, your employees and most of all your customers will appreciate the benefits of having that much technology in your pocket.

If you have any questions about the latest technology in smart phone apps or any questions at all feel free to contact Coastal Business Strategies, we specialize in creating custom apps for your business that will boost productivity and link you with your employees and customers. Visit us at

David Grigg
Owner, Coastal Business Strategies

Author's Bio: 

David (Owner Coastal Business Strategies) has worked with state agencies including the Small Business Institute at ECU as Assoc. Director. At the SBI, David was part of several national award winning business case studies, and over the past five years, the SBI has been awarded three first place awards along with a 2nd and 4th place award. David holds a B.S. in small business management/entrepreneurship and a M.B.A in professional investment management and operations.