Transportation technology is undergoing a revolution. Emerging technologies are increasing the performance of conventional modes of transportation, while new inventions are positioned to completely revolutionize the way we progress. The transportation industry, like every other industry, is adopting technological trends to improve productivity. However, it is important to note that these technological trends will not only improve productivity but will also transform the transportation industry forever!

All over the world designers and scientists are working on new types of transport that will allow us to grow faster and further than ever before.

In this article, we'll point out some of the most promising and amazing future transport concepts that are being worked out right now.

Trends Technologies in Transportation

The following technologies have propelled themselves to the forefront of the most recent transportation revolution.

1) - The Hyperloop, a pet project of Elon Musk's companies Tesla and SpaceX, is perhaps the most revolutionary transportation technology currently in development. The best way to describe Hyperloop is as a type of vacuum train, a long tube in which passengers carrying capsules travel at incredible speeds in a vacuum. That means it moves without friction and has the potential to reach speeds of more than 750 miles per hour.

2) - Development of Median AMB vehicles has revolutionized the way road accidents are being managed today. A road traffic accident that happens on a highway is likely to be more serious than a road traffic accident that happens on a regular road because of the speed involved. Unfortunately, the response time that it takes for emergency service vehicles to reach the site of a highway accident isn't always great because of congestion and also because of the distance between hospitals and medical facilities. That means the people who need emergency assistance the most will often wait for the longest.

The invention of the median AMB vehicle may change all that. The narrow high-speed ambulance uses the medium strip of a highway as a track racing up and down it without being encumbered by other traffic.

This means it can get to the site of an accident quickly, pick up anybody who needs treatment, and then evacuate them to the nearest toll booth where they can be loaded into an ambulance. This concept will save a lot of lives in the near future.

3) - Ideas like the toyline jar twin metro train might change the way that public transport is thought about and make people more likely to use it. This is a futuristic double-decker train that runs on super-powerful magnets. Many major cities would like more of their population to use public transportation as opposed to driving to and from work because public transportation is usually more environmentally friendly than driving a car and creates less congestion and also solves the parking issues. Donald Shoup, a distinguished professor in the field of urban planning and mobility rightly says that "Intelligent transportation technology is key to better parking management".


To sum up, it is right to state that the transportation industry is adopting technologies and going through major changes. These changes will not only benefit the transportation industry but also all the people around the world.

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