Recent research, observation and general press article says that majority of companies these days recruit through LinkedIn or online recruiting boards but the face of HR department or management is now changing and they have been adopting new technologies to hire right candidates because the war for talent is still going and the biggest challenge is finding the right fit of the right skills, right abilities and the right behaviors for the position that the company is trying to fill.
In the HR profession, they expected to perform operations so that they can:
•Find talented employees while recruiting
•Manage training and on-boarding
• Maintain a record of payroll, attendance and holidays
• Letting out employees are not working or performing enough
• Retain valuable employees

So, with the modern technologies and skills, HR professionals can make these tasks easier by using these below-mentioned tools and technologies.
1) Social Media Platform
Social Media Recruitment
There are so many social media platforms are available such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Most companies are using these platforms to search for potential hires and to also advertise their open positions. Each social media platform has a different number of characters you can use while posting your requirements.
• Regular posting information about job openings on your profile or company page helps you to gain more attention from employees.
• Frequently check theprofile of relevant candidates, check their public post, like and share it thenit reverts you may get a potential employee for your firm.
• Use social media platforms for interacting with employees and the users about company’s achievements, upcoming events, and more that helps to improve your brand visibility.
2) BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Bring your own device startup
Many firms are allowing their employees to bring their own devices to work, this idea was frowned upon at first due to the security concerns but more and more companies are looking to incorporate this policy into the workplace. By implementing this policy employees can use what they want when they want. Some examples of that would be- laptop, smartphones, and tablet. There are plenty of pros and cons having this BYOD policy in your place in your company.
Pros- Cost saving for the firm, free to move with the device, better productivity, employees satisfaction and so on.
Cons- Networksecurity concern, information security, data breaches, the risk of losing theirdevice and personal data
Kind of some it allup security is one of the most concerns for businesses, companies that developthe concept of the BYOD should make sure that their policies include guidelinesfor protecting confidential data and ensure proper measures are in place forthe device if it is lost or stolen.
3) Talent Acquisition Software

Amongst all the talent acquisition software are available you may choose the best one. This softwareishelpful for HR recruitment and hiring and more you can do with this as;
• Using social media integrated tracking system you may post to different job boards & social media sites at one time.
• Automated media integrated, screening of candidate, resume checking can help recruiters and cut the load of work and time
• Helps to shortlist specified and qualified candidates with less time.
4) Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology in HR
HR system migrating to the cloud. Cloud computing services are quickly becoming the biggest revenuegenerator for the leading software firms. Experts say-
• By 2020, cloud technology is expected to completely dominate the HR-IT industry
• Microsoft generatedat least 30% of its annual revenue via cloud-based software services.
• Amazon has seen year-over-year growth of 68% from its cloud services.
so, HR systems that are cloud-based can improve communication and tran

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