Present-day workforces are both tech-savvy and tech-dependent. The biggest game-changer of this current day generation of workforce is the fluidic use of technology that can be deployed for almost every fragment of the business. In this technology crazed era, most of the things revolve around the latest technology by using relevant applications to increase productivity. With the right tactics, technology can be roped in to increase productivity in the workspace. Here are some of the ways to increase productivity and work efficiently using technology -

Utilize group chats like Slack for seamless communication

Imagine this - you need to get a project done and you have an important question to ask. The person who has the answer to that is sitting on a different floor, and so, you either go up to them or send an email to them. In the meanwhile, a good chunk of important information is lost over all the hassle. This is where technology can be used to good use in workplaces to have seamless communication amongst the employees without having to feel like you’re in a three-ring circus.
According to sources, companies end up losing at least USD 420,000 every year due to miscommunication. To resolve this issue, using applications like Slack, Hangout or Flock helps in effective communication.

Sync up daily events using technology

Managing the daily list of to-do’s gets a little hectic, oftentimes forgetting what has to be done in order of priority. Calendar applications like Google Calendar have an easy interface for users to understand the application, and in addition to that, Google Calendar syncs up meetings, important work calls, and whatever else the user likes to feed into their calendar to receive timely notifications. QR codes can also be used to integrate and sync up daily events of employees for better and hassle-free work experience. Thanks to such applications, there is no more forgetting, missing meetings or answering emails.

QR codes for easy access in the workplace

Oftentimes, when the workplace is spread across several floors or has a large area, employees forget their way and lose their focus, thus wasting a generous amount of time. By installing custom QR codes at regular intervals around the workplace, employees can scan the QR code where the QR code can pull up an interactive map to help their way around the office.

In addition to this, QR codes can be installed in cafeterias for easy check-out. QR codes can be embedded for each food item, employees can scan the QR code on their mobile phones which will, in turn, direct them to a payment gateway for easy check-out.
There are several platforms where QR codes can be generated easily, offers a plethora of options to generate a QR code customized to the user’s preference in minutes and free of cost.

Installing Chrome extensions

Let’s face it - browsing for mundane things to be at par with work is not only time-consuming but also incredibly tiring. Everyone wants to get things done in less time. The best way to go about this is to install Chrome extensions on your Chrome browser. There are extensions available for every need and requirement, and ease your load to thus increase productivity.

Project management tools to stay organized

Imagine the deadline for a major project is approaching, the files you need from a colleague to continue this work is on leave, and the colleague is unreachable. This not only induces panic for the entire team, but also clearly indicates that because of poor management skills, each member of the team is now lagging behind, and also impacts the employees’ morale negatively.
This can be avoided by utilizing project management tools and cloud storage tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wrike. Timely updates on these tools will help keep a track of tasks by not confusing the team, outlines deadlines, task dependencies, and improves the team’s overall productivity.

Keep a track on time by using time tracking tools

There is a good reason why go-getters schedule their day in the morning. One must clock it to improvise. Every kind of person no matter the designation wastes considerably a good chunk of their time in a day and lose track of their work in the process. Keeping a track on a person’s most productive hours, time wasted for distractions and suitable contribution to the work will help increase their productivity to a large extent. Using tools like Toggl, and TimeBoy helps keep a track on time and thus become more efficient.

Decluttering your digital workspace

How many times do we lose track of our saved files because we forgot the saved destination of those files? How much time do we spend on searching the same lost files because they have to be sent out immediately for an important presentation? Such hindrances can significantly decrease the ability to focus on a task. Installing tools that are specifically meant to declutter, organize and manage files can help one feel organized and calm. Some of the best tools for decluttering digital workspace are Toby, Magnet, and Station.

Productivity rate affects almost all key business metrics such as employee attrition rates, operational costs, profits, and net revenue of the company, irrespective of its size. It is imperative to meet all these requirements without overworking their employees. Thankfully, technology is constantly evolving to meet all these conditions. Investing in the right kind of technology suited to a company’s growth and needs is a smart decision to improve their overall productivity.

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