Do you have an ebook that you are selling? Is it selling as well as you hoped? Many people spend the time and effort to develop a product only to watch it collect digital dust on their hard drive.

In many cases, the reason is a failure to market the product properly. Following are the reasons why some products flounder in the marketplace and how to correct it.

1. The number one reason why products fail has to do with the subject matter. Some experts say that you should write about a topic that interests you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because YOU are passionate about the music of J. S. Bach, doesn’t mean that your ebook on Bach will be a best seller. You should write about topics that interest your readers. Do keyword research to determine subjects that people are doing searches for. Visit forums to find questions that come up time after time. These are the topics that successful ebooks are made of.

2. The second reason that products fail is a failure to advertise effectively. Many first time ebook writers place ads using the least expensive methods possible. This is a recipe for disaster. Research your target market and place your ads in places where people interested in your subject are likely to be hanging out. It is better to spend $100 on an advertising campaign that yields $150 in sales, than to spend $10 and generate no sales.

3. If you have no experience writing ads, don’t try to wing it. Seek professional help. It will probably cost you less than you think and will yield much better results than doing it yourself.

4. Giving up too soon. Many people will write 5 articles touting their ebook and when they see little results, they give up. This is especially true if you are writing articles; it takes twenty to thirty articles to begin to see any results at all. If you are sure that you’ve got a good product, stay the course, use several methods of advertising. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, diversify your advertising efforts.

Follow the techniques above and your ebook can make you money! They can also save you a lot of wasted effort, time and frustration. And, most importantly, it might help you achieve riches beyond your wildest dreams!

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