Are you looking for a window treatment for your home? Confused over a plethora of the options available in the market? It is bound to happen as with so many options available in the market it is hard to settle on one. When looking for a window treatment for their home people list out many requirements and look for treatment which fulfils all the necessities. You might think when you go out in the market, you will effortlessly find a dressing that meets all your demands. The reality is that you will find various treatments that will meet your different demands. It will be very hard to find a treatment that meets all your demands.

If you are still looking for a treatment which fulfils all your demands then do not worry. Shutters are some of the supreme window treatments which the market has to offer, you can find the best plantation shutters in Melbourne.

Window Shutters

Window shutters are very hard and stable window treatments. They are very practical as you can have privacy from the snoopy eyes of your neighbours while enjoying the natural light in your home. They also let you control the ventilation of air in your home. There are broadly two types of window shutters, plantation shutters and roller shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are very convenient as they not only help in maintaining the stable environment of your home they also contribute towards beautifying the mein of your home. Plantation shutters for windows are usually preferred in white colour to keep their contemporary look. You can also choose a colour which compliments the decor of your home.

Roller Shutters

People often fancy roller shutters because they are exceptionally beautiful yet functional. These shutters are made of horizontal slates hinged closely and are highly efficient windows as well as door systems. Roller shutters are aesthetically pleasing and they provide you with as much privacy as you need.

Why Choose Roller Shutters Over Other Dressings?

When buying a window treatment people generally prioritise their safety. The weakest spots in our home are the doors and the windows. We often take various steps to ensure the safety of our home. Roller shutters meet your demands by promising you safety and making you feel safe in your home. They protect you from heavy storms, save energy and give you privacy as well as comfort. They can easily complement the look of your home from outside if they tone well with the decor of your home. Not only that they also enhance the beauty of your home from inside making it enviable to anyone who steps inside your home.

Tip on Maintain Roller Shutters to Hike Durability

Roller shutters being highly effective demands high maintenance. If they are not maintained well they will stop working and it will cause you problem. On the other hand, if roller shutters are maintained well they will effortlessly outlive their lifespan. Here are a few tips on maintaining your roller shutters.

Balance Check

A balance check is very important for the roller shutters, to ensure the smooth working of your shutters. You should get the balance of your shutters checked every month by a qualified professional. This will ensure that the shutters are not falling out of balance and will run properly while being able to stop at any point. If you don’t get your shutters checked then there is a chance that your shutters might collapse.


Fading colours of the shutters ruin the look of your shutters and make them look old. Repainting your shutters will make your shutters look as good as new. Before repainting make sure you have cleaned the surface of the shutters. If the shutters are not dust free the paint will look very irregular on the surface of the shutters. There is a chance that the shutters may look worse than before. If you want to change the colour of your shutters you can easily add a layer of the shade you like to them.

Cleaning your Shutters

To make sure that the shutters are working at their optimum efficiency you need to clean your roller shutters at least twice a year. Cleaning of the shutters is a tricky part, here are the steps to clean your shutters properly.

Wiping Away Pollutants: Use a soft cloth or chamois, mild detergent and clean water to gently wipe the shutters. This will help you get rid of built-up pollutants and abrasive grime particles that usually build up between the slats.

The technique of Wiping: Spray the mild detergent on your closed shutters and start wiping them in an up and down motion with the help of your soft cloth or chamois. Make sure that you wipe the shutters in an up an down motion so that you the individual slats do not misalign. If the slats get misaligned you can face some serious operating issues.

Rinsing: Rinse the shutters with clean water in order to get rid of all the dirt and the detergent. After rinsing the shutter, start drying than with a fresh soft cloth chamois. Remember to dry them in an up and down motion to avoid operating issues.

Cleaning the Guide: Start by raising the curtain until it is fully open, use a soft bristled brush, and sweep all the dirt as well as particles inside. When doing this make sure that you do not dislodge one of the wood piles. If you want you can clean them with gently running water from a hose. Just make sure that the pressure is not too high.


Find appropriate lubrication for your shutter, it is important to lubricate your shutters once in a while. This will ensure the smooth working of your shutters. if you are not lubricating your shutters regularly then there is a chance that your shutters might stop working and may catch rust. Some shutters have self-lubrication while others need you to lubricate then regularly. If you need to lubricate your shutters regularly then ask a manufacturer what kind of oil you should use to lubricate the shutters.

Window shutters in Melbourne have gained immense popularity as they provide safety which is everyone’s first priority. Besides the fact that these shutters are functional, they are also exceptionally beautiful.

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