The modern work culture totally depends on working as a team. In an office, every department has to work in tandem, coordinating and co-operating with other colleagues. However, achieving total team efficiency is a difficult task as each individual works with a different mindset. It is not uncommon to see personality clashes at workplaces, as everyone’s style of working is different. It is, therefore, essential for any manager to create a sense of togetherness in the team and restore some sense of discipline.

Simply giving out a guideline regarding the work process is not enough. A manager’s job is to make sure that each team member shares a common outlook at work.

There are various team building exercises that can not only improve team work but also boost each individual’s confidence as well. There are many fun activities which corporate offices undertake to boost a sense of trust, comfort and confidence among team members.

Team building activities reap benefits

It is a common knowledge that in order to get any work done, working as a team is necessary. However, it is often seen that we tend to incline towards people we are comfortable with. Corporate learning programs aim at helping people open up to people they don’t often interact with. These programs aim to promote healthy communication. Team building activities bring to fore the various qualities in a person which may otherwise go unnoticed.

Exercises that motivate one to think out of the box, step out of the comfort zone and do the unusual, to prove oneself and others just how much one is capable of. Team building activities aim at building mutual trust, compatibility, communication, and essential collaborative skills.

It does not matter whether these team activities are quick five minute exercise inside the office space or much elaborate weekend outdoor activities, these exercises bring out each members’ creative streak.

Various corporate learning exercises are employed for a fun, yet fruitful, team building activity.

Benefits of undertaking team building activities

  • Improved communication:
  • Healthy and proactive communication is the key to a good, functioning team. Lack of communication leads to misunderstandings, unwanted conflicts, delay in work and a horde of other problems. Communication – verbal or non-verbal – is very important for a successful business. When organizing team building activities, one should keep in mind to address communication issues and introduce exercises which focus on strengthening communication within the team.

  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere:
  • People spend a major part of their day in office with colleagues. A healthy rapport with every individual in the office creates a comfortable atmosphere for working. Trust and interdependence building exercises go a long way in creating a friendly, yet professional work atmosphere.

  • Breaking the stereotypes:
  • It is common for people to be stereotyped – whether it is because of the nature of their work, their body language or simply the way they deal with clients. When participating in various team building activities, people tend to think and act unconventionally. Group exercises help in recognizing and utilizing different skills, techniques and tapping the talents one may have not known existed!

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    Arun Rao is a corporate trainer in reputed company and who writes on numerous topics including Leadership Development, Induction Training, Corporate training & Innovation Workshops, to name a few.