Have you ever questioned the disparity between teaching and tutoring in Malaysia? As a parent, you may have not given it much attention, but there are significant differences between school education and private tutoring. Teachers assisting in Malaysian schools must have designated professional eligibility; however, private tutors are not obliged by law to have skills in the subjects they tutor.

It’s also true that many teachers extend their day time job with private tuition, so they are both teachers and tutors at a time. Also, tutors from tuition platforms like My Quality Tutor, Champion Tutor Malaysia, and My Private tutor are mostly school teachers and undergraduates who are way eligible to guide your children in Malaysia.


Firstly, what makes a private tuition centre varied from school education is the distinct objectives that each of it set. Gazing at the descriptions will give us a more precise picture of this. The most noticeable variation between the role of a school teacher and the role of a private tutor in Malaysia depends on the number of students being tutored.

In a personalized context, private tuition classes will primarily be more student-centred, with the student having their individual private tutoring experience to a greater degree than the school education. Furthermore, parents will be more profoundly involved in this process. The testimonials and primary feedback sessions will be essential in setting the right tutoring aspect for students but be assured to regularly analyse their goals with parents.

Examination grades and the Effectivity

While both are efficient in helping students improve their examination results among Malaysians, private tuition classes provide students with the ability of life-long learning. However, it will eventually demand a longer time, as compared to school and traditional Malaysian tuition centres, to confer their effectiveness.

This is because picking up a fresh experience from private tuition classes involves dedication and consistent practice, which will decode to more extended time for its effectiveness to portray. Also, for students who have encountered a topic more challenging, tutors help fill in the gaps. Private tutors will augment students what has been taught in the classroom. They teach a subject and pay attention to the students’ specific requirements at the same time.

Life-Long Learning among Malaysians

Moreover, the tasks of the teachers and tutors will also differ. Since schools in Malaysia are for self-directed education according to the examples and exercises in the textbook, it signifies that teachers do not have to be in front of the classroom all the time to convey a lesson. They only serve the student when there is a necessity or when the student requires it.

On the other hand, as private tuition classes are focused on tutoring students the relevant knowledge, private tutors have to be there, guide them, and deliver content knowledge all the time. If the tuition class persists for one hour, tutors should utilize the time and deliver the content for one hour straight.

Positive Discipline and Educational Betterment
One of the most challenging tasks about private tutoring in Malaysia is that, unlike school, tuition classes are voluntary and can be started or stopped at any time. Hence, private tutors will be required to remain motivated at all times, even when the student is slipping to join the classes.

Worry no more because private tutors from our Malaysian online platforms like My Quality Tutor and Champion tutor Malaysia make sure that tuition classes are being moderated at the best level. Moreover, they will make use of the student’s interests themselves to connect them further in their tutoring. Private tutors give students the chance to observe how far they have evolved.

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