Language is the most fundamental tool we use to communicate with one another. Any explanation can be understood only by deciphering the mode of communication. Right from a business transaction to scientific communication everything is conveyed only through language. English is the global language used to communicate internationally as many countries have adopted English as the language of commerce. Therefore it is important to gain command over English. In order to gain facility with English its fundamental aspect; which is grammar, needs to be mastered. Although English grammar is rigorous with its rules and exceptions it cannot be taught like Mathematical syntax. It has to be embedded in every discussion that takes place in the class.

Many speak grammatically correct English through intuition. But when they are given a grammar test they make mistakes. This is because language functions at two levels. One is imitation through experience and the other is through description. Bertrand Russell, the British Essayist and Mathematician enumerated two types of knowledge. They are knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description. Children, with or without their knowledge learn by imitating. Learning by imitation helps in making your learning second nature. But if you have to apply it rigorously you need to learn the formal rules which are the reasons behind their structure. If you don’t then you may speak correctly but may make mistakes in written English. You also would not be able to distinguish ‘definite articles’ from ‘indefinite articles’. This difficulty is rather common as there are gaps in our learning through description. While teaching Children the teacher actually has the advantage of combining aspects of learning and this is what gives students a strong backbone.

It is generally believed that language can be taught more effectively in person in a formal classroom. But this is not consistently true. Many children are actually shy and may not participate in the class in discussions. They fear embarrassment and therefore remain quiet. However, with today’s technology this inhibition, which is an obstacle to learning, can be overcome. One way of doing this is through online tutoring. The results are quite favorable and even children who are usually shy in class learn through a one to one interaction with a tutor. It has proved to be a very effective platform to teach grammar as the tutor can explain systematically with the help of technology and students can learn without inhibition. By providing more platforms that are advanced students benefit with a strong foundation in English grammar, which constitute the building blocks of ‘language-command’ for the future generation.

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