Dance etiquettes teach students to navigate the social dimensions of dancing. It will provide them with know-how to go about in the dancing circles. Every dancing has its own culture and protocol. Every form has its own dancing style and code. In order to learn any specific dance form, one must be through with its etiquettes. Even dancing in general calls for etiquettes and good decorum.

Etiquettes on the Floor

1. To begin with, students must learn to ask politely for dance. Use words like - "Shall we dance?" or "May I have dance with you?" etc. Dashing on the person to get your ‘choice’ partner is not considered appropriate.

2. Declining to dance is always unpleasant. For shy teenagers it is hard to handle and it may discourage them from social dancing further. Though there is no correct way to refuse, but some graceful are – You can say you don’t know how to dance or you want to take some rest or you have promised dance to someone else.

3. Boys must always lead girls to the dance floor. Always smile and be nice. Aim to be playful and lighthearted to ensure that your partner likes you and is willing to dance with you again. Both must thank their partners for the dance.

4. Don’t correct or teach how to dance to your partner as he/she might feel offended. Leave teaching skills to the teacher. Avoid foul language.

5. If you happen to step or bump into your partner apologize immediately and ensure that everything is fine. When attending a group dance, show consideration for other dancers.

6. One should never exercise forceful leads to achieve a pattern. Pushing and pulling your partner into position is not appropriate. An ideal dancer should demonstrate grace and sensitivity in his dancing.

7. One should wear suitable attire for the dance. Don’t wear too tight clothes or adorn heavy jewellery or junks. Costume accessories should be avoided for the dance as it may hinder your dance moves or may cause distraction.

8. Avoid talking and giggling while dancing and do not look at others and comment on their dancing. This will reflect your disinterest in dance.

9. Personal grooming is equally important. Dancing is an activity where two people come in close contact with each other. So therefore before the dance – shower well, use deodorant, brush your teeth well and use mouthwash or breath mint, don’t consume foods that produce strong odors like garlic or onion.

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