If you are struggling to find fun, educational resources for your child and/or students then visit a new innovative website which provides interactive, hands-on fun ’inside the box’ at the click of a button.

Fat Cat Phonics is a specially designed teaching tool created to help young children develop their reading, handwriting and math skills.

Studies show that children learn by doing. Bright colorful manipulatives, a dry erase pen and a wide variety of reusable worksheets engage the young learner while teaching and reinforcing key concepts.

The products are the brainchild of stay at home mom, Jennifer Powell. She said: “Who knew that what started out as a craft project with my daughter would eventually turn into a fun interactive teaching resource for parents and teachers alike?

“Fat Cat had his humble origins in a simple refrigerator magnet. My daughter and I were looking for ideas for homemade Christmas presents for her friends when we stumbled across a DIY article on how to make bubble magnets.

“We decided to make alphabet magnets for the refrigerator and suddenly an idea took hold that just wouldn’t shake loose.”

With the help of specialist, Jo Ann Trautman who has worked in education for more than 35 years, the pair developed a brilliant comprehensive learning package which helps every child learn at their own pace.

Jo Ann said: "Fat Cat Phonics is an engaging way to provide preschool through primary students the practice needed to take phonics to the automatic level."

Products include the ‘Let’s Get Ready to Read’, ‘I am Reading’ and ‘Math is Fun’ starter box sets each housed in a sturdy custom wood box. Also available are a variety of reusable workbooks. These workbooks boast creative hands-on exercises designed to ensure that your child enjoys learning the basic building blocks so necessary for academic success. You simply add workbooks as your child advances. Over 500 worksheets and counting!

Buy the box once as it can be used to teach reading, math, spelling & handwriting. When you are ready to change from reading to math or vice versa simply pick up the letter panel and switch it with the math panel.

The Fat Cat Phonics website is jammed packed with information to support and inform. From comprehensive user guides giving tips on teaching reading, math & handwriting to a free play section outlining fun and creative ways to use the system outside of the workbooks it’s all there in a clear easily navigatable format.

Children benefit from a variety of teaching methods. Jennifer recommends using her product-line to reinforce material taught in the classroom or allow an eager learner to forge ahead. “ It also serves as a great product to pull out when older children are doing their homework. Oftentimes the older children will use Fat Cat to “teach” their siblings what they already know. We included a Word Puzzles & Games workbook just for this purpose. It’s a great opportunity for children of multiple ages to play and learn together.”

Jennifer added: “Our company recognizes that children love to move and they love to learn and we could not think of a better way to blend the two than with colorful chunky (non-magnetic) manipulatives and hundreds of bright engaging worksheets. “

Preschool, kindergarten and first grade students will thoroughly enjoy learning how to read or practicing those all important math skills "Inside the Box".

Please visit http://www.fatcatphonics.com to view the complete product-line.

Author's Bio: 

Fat Cat Phonics was founded in October of 2010 by Jennifer Powell, a stay at home mom turned budding entrepreneur. The company was founded on the knowledge that young children love to move and they love to learn. This understanding paved the way for an innovative product-line focused on delivering a hands-on experience to children learning fundamental academic skills. While recognizing that electronic teaching devices have their place in our ever-evolving society, Fat Cat Phonics places its emphasis on touching, feeling & experiencing the learning process.