Giving and receiving love are two of the most beautiful feelings on Earth. When you are the receiver of love, you experience the joy and passion that is not only revitalizing, but it is equally intoxicating. Once you receive it, you want more and more of it. To receive love, however, you must become the giver of love. The giver of love is one who gives it unconditionally without strings attached.

This means that you must also learn how to forgive. You can only truly become a giver of love once you learn how to forgive others as well. That is sometimes easier said than done. After all, many of us carry around a lot of emotional baggage from past hurts and haunts because we believe it is too difficult to let all that sorrow and anger go. We would rather hold onto it because it emboldens us whenever we are angered. It makes us feel powerful when we get mad, upset or want to rehash old feelings. Then when we are feeling sorry for ourselves, and dumped upon, we dig up and recycle all those negative emotions and relive the sorrow and pain as we fall back into our rabbit hole. Sound familiar?

Let me teach you how to become a giver of love. You, too, can become an individual freed from the chains of your emotions. You have the innate ability to give and receive love without condition. No more resorting to old and negative feelings because now you are ready to move forward without the attachment of the old abusive feelings from your past. Just knowing that can remove those unwanted emotions and grief is already a freeing feeling, isn’t it?

The truth is, in order to be able to give love, you must truly feel safe inside of you and become comfortable being vulnerable. This is truly not an overnight process but rather one that may take you a while to achieve, yet it is truly worth the journey. All of this is an inside job and has nothing to do with another person. What you need to do in order to feel safe inside of you is to connect and love all the pieces in you that you feel are wounded. You also have to learn to trust yourself and realize you are the driving force in your life. Do you trust that you can put yourself in good, positive situations that serve you? This is something very important to look at and heal for you.
Allow me to assist you in your path to learning how to forgive and to become a giver of love. Once you have the keys to unlocking the chains that bind you, you will be able to finally rediscover the joy and love that has been missing from your life. And that, my friends, is the first step to leading a joy-filled life. Let’s connect!
I am here to help you learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Until we speak again, I am
Joan Marie, Your Intuition Girl

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Teach Me how to become a Giver of Love
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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