Every children seek care, love, encouragement, and support, and those with learning disabilities, need them more along with positive reinforcement. When things get tougher & time becomes adverse, they need guidance to overcome those obstacles. And who's better to do it than the educators!!

A learning disability isn't insurmountable provided all the distractions & disruptions are kept at bay. Teachers with parental cooperation & collaboration can help the kids receive quality education & overcome their deficiencies & disabilities to shine like their peers. Certified educators having pursued a special needs education course can understand the kids better, stay calm & positive & adapt themselves perfectly in the classroom while imparting lessons to them.

Identifying the learning styles of students

Every student has their own learning style which is unique & those educators who identify it can come up with individualized lesson plan. Some students learn best by seeing or reading, others by listening, and still others by doing. The first step of delivering lessons starts with recognizing their learning styles.

Is a child a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner? Design your instructional materials by identifying it & reinforce it in the classroom and during home study. For visual learners activities like written topic notes, directions, diagrams, charts, maps, and pictures will be extremely beneficial.

For auditory learners, oral communication-based educational activities work best. They benefit from classroom discussions, spoken directions, study groups etc.

Kinesthetic learners benefit sports, drama, dance, martial arts, and arts and crafts which boosts their academic progress & productivity.

Therapeutic & remedial teaching for students

Training & education for disabled students is different from their peers. It has to be remedial & therapeutic as it classes should help them overcome their disabilities & deficiencies. Teachers too need to adopt different approaches while teaching them so that can surmount all their difficulties.

Therapeutic teaching focuses on encouraging academic and social learning together. ... In a therapeutic teacher's classroom, lessons emphasize on students' strengths; students achieve success each day, forget their weaknesses and become motivated and their accomplishment increases. Students build positive attitudes toward school and academic.

On the other hand, therapeutic teachers can recognize that a child's fundamental need for love, acceptance, recognition, care and security is fulfilled prior to academic learning. They communicate with them calmly & deal them with patience in classroom & while providing their valuable feedback. A special needs education course helps them curate learning activities & lessons for them.

What teachers keep in mind while teaching?

Let's take a look at the specific tasks of the instructors teaching students with learning disabilities.

Make academic activities in classroom precise and brief, whenever possible.
Teach in small groups by keeping distractions at bay
Develop innovative strategies for delivering learning materials & lessons in class
Provide oral instruction for students with reading disabilities
Work with parents closely, keeping them updated about various educational programs taking place& informing them about the progress of their children.
Giving feedback for better learning outcomes

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