When you have grown up to be what you wanted to be – when your ambition is fulfilled, most of us want to be a healthy. Years of hard work, peer pressure for excellence in studies, making a worthy career and money has pushed us to the brim. We have tested our mettle and in the meantime, lost our precious health. Frequent visits to physicians, dull skin and rough hair are alarming signs of our deteriorating health. This pushes the drive to embody a healthy lifestyle.

Wake up to a cup of tea – one of the easiest ways to good health and healthy living. A number of studies across the world have observed the many positive effects of tea on our health. If you have been avoiding tea for prevailing prejudices are myths regarding drinking tea, then it’s time to rethink because these amazing facts would simply blow your mind.

A Health Drink It Is:

Researchers around the world are studying the far-reaching effects of tea on health. Besides other elements, almost all types of tea are good sources of antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins which improve your health.

Stress is one of the most common problems for most of us. The increase in the stress hormone called cortisol results into belly fat, obesity and quickens skin ageing. However, drinking tea can actually save you from all these. Researchers have found that tea significantly reduces cortisol level, thereby reducing its harmful effects like belly fat, obesity and premature skin ageing. The indulging aroma, bold flavours and inviting finish of the Celebration Series– Darjeeling tea, is perfect choice for your morning cuppa! A less stressed life means good health that even reflects on your looks.

Cardiac diseases and failures are some of the most common and lethal causes of death around the world. Heart ailments have become common not just in the aged population but even among young people. An increased cholesterol level is one of the main causes of heart ailments and death due to cardiac arrests. Tea, especially green tea, helps in lowering cholesterol. It absorbs the cholesterol from your large intestine thereby preventing cholesterol from depositing along your arteries and secures your heart health.

Tea is loaded with a number of active compounds which reduce inflammation and inflammatory reactions in your body. Arthritis, depression, looking puffy and even metabolic syndrome could be caused by body inflammation. You can prevent all these with just a few cups of tea every day.

Obesity is another common problem and leads to a number of complicated health issues. What better and easier way than sipping tea? Tea contains compounds which can effectively treat obesity. The Oolong Formosa tea has a rich content of polyphenol which controls your metabolism thereby controlling fat and reducing obesity.

Your life is a blessing and it is your responsibility to nurture it with care. Feed your body with some of the fine picked goodness of nature, because tea is the key to good health and healthy living. Enjoy the exotic flavours and more.

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