The World Health Organization surveyed the pros and cons of beverages in many countries and concluded that tea is the best beverage. According to scientific determination, tea contains nearly 300 kinds of ingredients such as protein, fat, more than 10 vitamins, as well as tea polyphenols, caffeine, and lipopolysaccharides, which can regulate physiological functions and exert various health and pharmacological effects.

Tea has the effect of preventing the increase of cholesterol in the human body and preventing myocardial infarction. Tea polyphenols can also remove excess free radicals from the body and inhibit and kill pathogenic bacteria. In addition, tea also has the effect of refreshing, eliminating fatigue and antibacterial. At the same time, tea can invigorate people's spirits, enhance their thinking and memory, eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism, and maintain the normal functions of the heart, blood vessels, and gastrointestinal tract. It also has great benefits in preventing dental caries.

According to a British survey, tea can inhibit cell senescence and make people prolong life. The anti-aging effect of tea is more than 18 times that of vitamin E. Tea drinking can delay and prevent the formation of lipid plaque in the lining of blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension and cerebral thrombosis.

Tea drinking can excite the central nervous system and enhance exercise energy. Tea drinking has good weight loss and beauty effects. Oolong tea is especially effective for this effect. The tannic acid contained in tea can kill a variety of bacteria, so it can prevent stomatitis, sore throat, and enteritis and dysentery that are prone to occur in summer. Tea contains anti-radiation substances. Drinking tea while watching TV can reduce the harm of TV radiation and protect eyesight.

In recent years, the benefits of tea have gradually been recognized by the general public, and the tea drinking trend has prevailed. Here are a few of the benefits of drinking tea for those who are suitable for drinking, may wish to refer to.

Black tea: people who exercise a lot, people who consume a lot of energy, people who want to extend their lives.

Green tea: people who have less exercise and labor, drinkers, lose weight, lower blood lipids, prevent arteriosclerosis, work under pressure, and fight cancer.

Scented tea: those with excessive brain, those with spleen and stomach that are cold, and those with less labor.

Oolong tea: people who eat meat, people who have exercised, lose weight and beauty.

Honey tea: constipation.
Pu-erh tea: slimming beauty.
If you are struggling with the computer every day, you may wish to make a cup of tea and take a few sips when you have time. Not only can prevent the harm of radiation, but also relax your bones and muscles, and eliminate burnout and fatigue.

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