Just a few years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in DC, as much in other parts of the United States, is rarely the level of attention it receives today. In fact, a lot of people feel uncomfortable with this treatment approach. The modern society has indeed veered towards this ancient healing practice. According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health, almost 38% of people subject themselves to alternative medicine. It’s not uncommon for people to compare the differences between modern and ancient medicine. Here is a short look into some of the main differences between these schools of medicine.

The concepts of health clinics offering TCM in DC are nothing new. This healing approach was born during the ancient Chinese “harmony culture.” During this era, health experts were highly influenced by philosophies such as Confucianism and Taoism which emphasize the importance of keeping harmony of Yin and Yang. This resulted in the core elements of Chinese medicine that upholds correcting, balancing and eradicating the pathogens to achieve optimum health. Unlike in other ancient healing traditions that confront and kill the source of diseases, TCM hopes to maintain balance in the body.

Modern medicine considers Chinese medicine important in the fight against chronic inflammation, viral diseases, endocrine diseases, functional disorders and other health issues. TCM in DC is used as an adjunct to the conventional medicine that uses chemical-based drugs and other invasive procedures.
Another crucial difference between modern Western medicine and ancient Oriental medicine is that the earlier tend to look up only on static anatomy to understand diseases and relies on equipments to detect ailments. In contrast, TCM relies in the use of senses such as inspection, listening and smelling to learn about an individual’s health condition. Trained TCM practitioners also make use of pulse-taking and inquiry to evaluate the overall health of a person. This eliminates the need for costly diagnostic tests commonly required in modern medicine.

Central to ancient Chinese medicine is its belief that the human body houses a dynamic flow of energy or chi that determines the health of a person. If the person’s energy field is disturbed, diseases start to set in. To ensure optimum health, an individual must balance these energies. This often requires unblocking the channels where the energy flows. A famous TCM technique in DC is acupuncture. This treatment method uses pins attached on specific body parts that where the channels are located. There are a lot medical practitioners that use acupuncture for relief of different diseases.
Another core principle that TCM holds is the importance of prevention. Once the body achieves balance, the person is taught how to maintain harmony through healthy practices. TCM is actually a holistic treatment approach that looks at the entirety of the person’s health and not just the physical symptoms of a disease. It does not end in the alleviation or relief of pain but rather goes a little step forward in changing the person’s unhealthy habits.

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