Hey! Do you think you are going to waste time on reading this article?

Then, you would probably be very cautious of your time being wasted every day at bus stops, trains stations and waiting for a cab to arrive.

You might be even sick of driving through the increasing traffic daily.

Why not make life easier?

Invest few minutes today on knowing about a solution that can help you for the remaining life! i.e. Taxi Dispatch System.

It’s Not an Einstein Theory, It’s Simple to Understand!

TDS is like a genie which brings you the taxi right after you ask for it.

Well, it is no magic.

Instead, it is done through properly developed applications that mainly include a driver application, passenger application, and an admin panel.

Whenever a passenger needs to travel somewhere, he can just search for the nearest driver using his passenger app. The work is done at the backend through different algorithms. You don’t need to get puzzled by those!

You just need to be happy with the fact a nearby driver gets the notification on his driver application and gets the job of picking you up. In short, he pops up before you after just one click.

Dig a Bit More, You Might Get Treasure!

You should always stay aware of the details so that you know whether things are working the right way or not.

Taxi Dispatch System is evolving day by day and newer features are innovated and added to it for making it more personalized and usable for you. However, the basic working stays the same.

1. Driver Application

A driver application is designed to have the maximum accuracy. It is made sure that drivers get the requests from the passengers quickly and respond instantly. Any errors like the assignment of two drivers to a single passenger are avoided.

Security is assured as well by keeping all the details of a driver and his vehicle by the TDS. Every driver is assigned with unique login credentials. All of this is done to make the cab dispatch service convenient for you.

The statistical details are maintained by the Taxi Dispatch Software System that includes a number of rides, distance traveled, salary etc. A driver is also provided with options for taking a break and during that while redirecting to some other nearby cab.

2. Passenger Application

Every TDS is putting efforts into making their passenger application become as convenient and personalized for the users as possible. Instead, this is the point where the competition lies.

You can use easy login options like Facebook etc., track your ride, share your ride with friends, statistical information of rides and bills at the end of every ride are also provided.

A passenger has an option of providing feedback and reviews. It does not only help the users but also the company to improvise.

3. Admin Panel

The owner always has access to the rides a driver is taking. It is actually a dashboard provided with all required options for an administrator.

It helps categorize the customers, track the hot zones, allocate drivers to the hot zones, chooses between auto and manual dispatching, toll-free number to be contacted by the customers, check the statistics of the payments of the rides, ratings of rides, feedback of customers.

These Taxi Dispatch Systems can act as a bridge between the customers and the taxi companies by providing white label solution. It is done by making taxi applications for Android and iOS to be lent to the interested customers.

Here, that was it. Not so technical, not so boring BUT I hope it to be informative for you guys. Because it is an evident necessity of today’s world that a well-explained introduction is given before one finally decides of opting anything.

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