There are a lot of ride-sharing services rising in the ride-sharing industry, however, the “Uber” is the name, having affected the ride-hailing market. Undoubtedly, Uber is the victor, and every startup and entrepreneur attempt to reflect the Uber-like enterprise model. Definitely, Uber’s opponent, DiDi Chuxing is also a name, that has surpassed Uber as the most worthy company in ride-sharing services. With the entire valuation of $20 .6B, China’s DiDi Chuxing is now the Uber’s main competitors.

Uber and DiDi Chuxing have set their positions as the top ride-hailing services for most nations of the world, but, there is certainly another important and helpful part of the world, which embraces large opportunities for taxi booking solutions, which region is Latin America.

The present possibilities in Latin America

Not like some other regions of the world, Latin America remains a lot reliant on classic types of public transport like buses, trains, and subway systems. What’s more, bigger cities such as São Paulo, Mexico City, and Bogota cannot support any more vehicles on the road without an infrastructure overhaul. Large metro areas are already at or above max capacity during peak hours, producing possessing and commuting with a car more like a hassle than a luxury. Consequently, a lot of commuters across Latin America are having a fewer worth of owning a car and opting to use option methods of transport and on-demand services instead.

Taxi Booking Players

Below is the number of the vital players and smaller players in the taxi

There can be a ride-hailing app similar to Uber and DiDi Chuxing termed Easy Taxi, that has currently turn out to be a prominent player in the ride-hailing market, Let’s find out more about another key player of taxi booking i .e. Easy Taxi.

Key players are Uber, Didi Chuxing, 99 Taxies, Cabify, Easy Taxi, and the Smaller players are Beat ( or Taxi Beat), Nekso, etc...


The Solution before happening a Taki-Booking app like Uber:

Your app should consist of some of the following essential features:

Register: For passengers to use the app, they can directly register from the mobile app filling in their personal email, social media account or contact number.

Booking UI: A mobile app display useful for passengers to supply their particular travel choices to call a cab or book it with another scheduled time.

Monitoring: This attribute allows users to monitor the present availability of car drivers in the area based on the pick-0up spot they may have entered in real time.

Pickup Location: Users may comfortably set their pick up a spot from where they would begin the ride using Google map.

Cab Type Preferences: A luxurious characteristic where travelers may select the type of Taxi they need.

Fare Calculator: After choosing the cab, this characteristic computes the fare for the ride depending on the distance between the pick-up point and destination place.

Live Tracking system: In this, users might be updated on the live status of the booked cab before it reaches the pickup spot until the journey is over.

Payment: After you reach the desired destination place, fare gets deducted via payment API. The invoice copy is normally sent to the registered email ID of the passenger.

Split Payment options: In case of multiple passengers, the split payment permits those to make separate payments each.

In-app Messenger: Helps maintain contact between passenger and driver within the app.

Discount: This extra service offers certain special discounts for trips by means of digital coupon codes.

Review and Rating: This is an important function that permits travelers to enter their feedback and add ratings and review for the services and personal experience.

Booking Record: A passenger can monitor their booking history using this app.

Gamification: A customer engagement function which enables sustain users through dedicated plans, badges, tailored allegiance rewards, etc.

Customer-Focused Solutions

All you just have to perform your riders with solutions, that are directly mean to them. And, the options for your clients should conquer their issues and real-world problems. Furthermore, each business should give options that support the users’ pain-points. The pain points might be the ‘safety concerns’. You just have to attempt the answer and offer possible solutions to them, if it is carpooling or ride-hailing services.

‘Affordability’ is yet another crucial solution, that you can offer your end users to contribute value to their life. Furthermore, additionally you have to also think about a slew of important features, without that you can’t make an Uber-like structure during taxi booking app development services, and these are :

  • A Simple User Registration
  • GPS Real-time Tracking
  • In-app payment
  • Push Notifications
  • Ride History
  • Online Support
  • Driver’s Reviews & Ratings

Therefore, these are the bunch of important features, which you can’t-miss to think about to develop successful ride-hailing apps like Uber.

It’s usually about Ease

To conserve your customer or rider’s effort and time, the primary solution is to give comfort to your app users. A similar ride-hailing app, Uber, which has already set standards in the ride-hailing market by offering comfort to its customers as it offers comfort in terms of app characteristic, that allows those to book a nearby parked cab.

Way back, people failed to book nearby parked taxis through an app. Nevertheless, Simple Taxi has realized the issue and offered the solutions for those customers or riders, that may be in hurry. So, you may allow your app customer to select a close driver and book the cab for him/ her. Additionally, you could give solutions to the problems, which have not yet solved by your competitors. People usually choose the services, which provide convenience, affordability, and quality.

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