Tattoos for girls are no longer a taboo. As your body is like a blank canvas, why not decorating it with ink? With so many designs and tattoo patterns available for you to choose from, you won't run out of great ideas. The following tattoo designs are popular among females now.

tatoos for girls

1. Butterfly Tattoos

A butterfly is identical to women and the animal is considered a symbol of transformation. Not only that but the butterfly is also often associated with beauty, metamorphosis, and signifies change. A set of stain glass-designed wings is popular among girls and it symbolizes the important change in their life.

2. Rose Tattoos

Rose is never outdated. The flower is a popular symbol of delicate femininity, loveliness, and secrets. Additionally, rose is also a great symbol that there are always a few thorns that come with beauty. With rose tattoos, you can show people your beauty, femininity, strength, and they can’t mess up with you.

3. Phoenix Tattoos

Feel like you are just reborn and entered a new phase in your life? Well, you can mark the change by creating a phoenix tattoo on your skin. This mythological bird comes from fire and a symbol of reborn. It can be a sign that you came back stronger than before and perfect if you just experienced hard times in life.

4. Angel Tattoos

An angel tattoo is a great reminder that someone special is watching and guiding you all the way. Sometimes, angel tattoos are chosen since they can represent a feeling that someone is missed Most of the time, the tattoos come with a full-blown haloed figure or just an image of wings.

5. Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos for girls are also popular. It is timeless and will look perfect in almost every part of your body. An arrow tattoo is aesthetically pleasing whatever design you choose.

6. Henna-Inspired Tattoos

Henna-inspired tattoos are also popular among girls. Most of the time, this kind of tattoo is inked on the hand. Henna-inspired tattoos are beautiful and can show people your art side to others.

7. Wings Tattoos

You need to know that wings of angel tattoos are always classic and timeless. Either it is on your shoulder, back, thigh, or writs, wings tattoo will always look good on you. Make sure to have beautiful details of the wings to make them look real.

8. Badass Tattoos

Who says that femininity is always identified with cuteness? This badass tattoo design is just proof. You can still look feminine with a little bit “naughty” touch with the tattoo. Just don’t need to hesitate to unleash your womanhood and show people how cool you are with it.

9. Dream Catcher Tattoos

This is another popular tattoo for girls that you need to consider. Taking inspiration from native American cultures, dream catcher tattoos are believed to give you protection from bad dreams and negative spirits. This is a perfect tattoo if you wish to bring good fortune every day in your life.

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