It is quite easy to get carried away by the moment and commit a few mistakes when getting tattoos. And that is understandable. Just like you do not always know what to do when styling your hair- how much should you tip? do you need to talk the whole time?- it is not possible to be acquainted with the rules.

There are some tips that the tattoo artists wish you could keep in mind so that everything goes smoothly. For example, you must visit the studio at least 15 minutes before the stipulated time of the consultation. Continue reading to know more.

  1. You may feel the urge to bring all of your friends so that they can provide you moral support, live stream the whole thing on Facebook, and take photographs. But, not all the artists like the idea of a large number of people crowding them while they carve an intricate design on the skin. You may bring one friend who will hold your hand or cheer you while you endure the discomfort.
  2. The tattoo artists have a detailed portfolio of exclusive designs that they have fabricated for their previous clients. However, it is not acceptable to ask them to copy a design just because you like it. You can customise a concept as per your requirements and expectations- different art but the same idea.
  3. The modern-day tattoo cartridges have fine needles that penetrate the skin in a seamless manner, but you must still be prepared for a tad bit of pain. However, if you want a perfect design, make sure to sit still under all circumstances. Take your mind off by listening to music, meditating, breathing in and out, etc.
  4. It is necessary to learn about the price of the tattooing style you have opted for, but the artists feel annoyed when a client tries bargaining or says they would cancel the appointment and visit somewhere cheap. If you wish a body art to look aesthetically appealing or capable of captivating attention, stop flinching about spending more.
  5. For an agreeable experience, you must put on something loose. You can carry along an alternative dress or a bathing suit, if appropriate, whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you are carving a design on your thigh, why wear skin-hugging jeans, right?
  6. Most of the consumers expect a tattoo artist to accomplish their dreams without offering input. But, that is not how things work. You must interact with the appointed artist- describe what design you want, and where you exactly want it. He or she will use your ideas as guidelines.


The artists also like incorporating their creative spin. So, if you wish for something unique, ask them you want their insight. After all, this is a kind of collaboration.

Keeping the tips stated above in mind will help a tattoo artist work without any sort of hassle. It is important to be on the same page as them; otherwise, the final result will not be what you desired.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.