Paneer or cottage cheese is a popular ingredient which is used in numerous dishes. So much so, that if non-vegetarians take pride in their chicken dishes, vegetarians treat and appreciate paneer just as much!

In fact, there are many who even consume cottage cheese by sprinkling black paneer and adding it to their green salad for its rich milky flavour. But other than proving to be a popular dish for foodies to indulge in, they also come with a host of health benefits.



Some Of Them Include As Follows:-

  • They are rich in iron and other essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium. In fact, it is said that 100grams of cottage cheese (Paneer) packs around 11 grams of protein. And it is this protein density which keeps your hunger pangs at bay and keeps you satiated for longer spans.
  • Food experts state that paneer is comes packed with calcium. And if consumed, they can meet 8-9% of your entire body’s calcium count. Doing the math- 100 grams of cottage cheese packs a staggering 83 grams of protein, and that ensures healthy bones, teeth, heart muscles, etc.
  • Food experts also point out that including paneer in your diet assists regulate the blood sugar levels. They come packed with magnesium to keep those untimely spikes under control and promote better heart health.
  • Paneer also consists of Potassium which helps regulate proper fluid balance along with negating the adverse effects of consuming too much salt.
  • In addition to these; paneer also incorporates Folate- a B-complex vitamin proving essential for expecting women. Plus, they also consist of phosphorus which assists in proper digestion and excretion.

So, the moral of the story is- if you like paneer, then these above reasons make it very clear why you should include it in your staple diet. And if you plan on doing it right from today, then below points out 3 delicious Paneer preparations to try out with your close ones.

  • Mattar Paneer:- 

Primarily considered as a staple North India dish, it is prepared using peas, paneer proper blended in tomato sauce and spiced up with exotic Indian spices, eventually topped off with garam masala.

This is best enjoyed with bread, naan, paratha, roti and even rice. 

  • Paneer Butter Masala:- 

As per best-in-repute Indian restaurants in Singapore, paneer butter masala involves marinated paneer served in thickened gravy mix. An extra spoon of butter or cream is seasoned on top. 

Also considered as a worthy alternative to the equally popular chicken butter masala, this dish can be had with roti, bread, naan and even rice (be it normal, or fried with vegetables).

  • Shahi Paneer:- 

A native dish of the Indian sub-continent; this delicious dish consists of a thick gravy prepped using thick cream, tomatoes and exotic Indian spices. The paneer cubes are added later on in the gravy, and the taste is a bit sweeter in comparison to the above preparations.

They are best enjoyed with roti, naan and even bread. Although, there are some who don’t mind having it with rice preparations. 

Be sure to order any of these delectable paneer preparations from your Affordable Indian Food serving across Singapore to experience the rich taste of home away from home. 

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