Tarot Analysis Nourishes Our Mental and Spiritual Selves
While We are in the Physical World

Body, mind and spirit make a human what occultists term a 'three-plane entity.' Each of these entities has its separate sphere. Your mind exists in a mental sphere and your spirit exists in a spiritual sphere, just as your body exists in a physical sphere. If you think of these spheres as spheres of influence that are not in separate places but in separate, shall we say, levels of density, that can interlock, then the concept that 'you' have parallel citizenship in plural realms goes down more easily. Some people conceive of different levels of 'vibration.' Language is the more imprecise the farther one moves from everyday consciousness.

Cliches inform us of this awareness, don't they? We say 'the mind wanders,' or that we are 'out of our minds.' We say some person is 'soulless.' We say we are 'dead to the world.' Some of us speak of 'soul travel,' 'out-of-body experience,' and such things. We talk of some places as retaining the atmosphere of what has happened there. Some part of our everyday consciousness embraces the parallel citizenship.

The main value of being aware of the concept of our simultaneous existence in more than one plane is that it leads us to the matter of nourishing our mental and spiritual selves so that when we move out of the body and into them exclusively, we are competent to exist in each realm, and are not as helpless as the newborn is in the physical. When we die, we want to inhabit who we are competently, not be entry-level riffraff in eternity, don't we?

It is a fact that when you overcome a situation in your head, the situation resolves in 'the real world.' You think of the perfect squelch, and you never get to pull it off. That nourishes the mental you, makes mental muscle. And that is an event on the mental realm or plane. It is a fact that when you lower your level of conflict through spiritual enlightenment, you have more peace in 'the real world.' That strengthens your spiritual self and is a happening in the spiritual zone or plane. The synergy between resolving challenges in the physical through mental/spiritual means is obvious too. (Being 'who you are' fully is a less obvious way to grow our 'out there' selves.)

One shortcut to discovering what underlies what is going on in your life is to have a reading with a psychic who is analytical. Tarot lends itself to this kind of analysis. The processes at work will just come out naturally as you speak of your life events, so that you can see 'why this is' and 'where to fix it.' (Tarot psychic analysis is easier than self-analysis.) Repeating patterns, and situations that most annoy, are often where spiritual and mental growth is sprouting. The immediate value of this kind of reading is a feeling of confidence and relief, a pleasurable feeling.

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