In this past year, you felt like you couldn’t cope or face life difficulties. You were unhappy with yourself and felt like you’ve reached a breaking point. Your spirit was filled with stress and anxiety. Anything and everything overwhelmed you, but those days are long gone. This year your focus is to live in love, comfort, and kindness for the higher good of yourself and others. Love is the universal language of unity. When you vibrate good energy, it transfers to others and bounces back to you.

This year marks the beginning of your journey toward self-love and appreciation.You are loving yourself and unconcerned with the opinions of anyone around you. When you value yourself and know who you are, you’re able to appreciate the special qualities in others. Take your time with new relationships and friendships, there’s no need to rush. It takes time for someone to show you their true identity and prove their loyalty.

Your self-care involves removing the burden of emotional and financial debts from your life. When you lift this load off your shoulders, the solutions will flow to you freely. Running away from your problems will not solve them. You face them head-on by addressing the issue and bringing it to light. Then you will have the ability to come up with a creative solution.

You open the gateway of positive experiences and opportunities when you’re filled with Godly energy. Gossiping and words of negativity will only spread bad vibes throughout your environment. Do not allow negative energy or temporary setbacks to interfere with your goals and purpose. Keep the faith and keep going. Your thoughts and words are powerful, so use them to strengthen your foundation and not weaken it through fear.

When you are honest with yourself about fears of success and failures, they can no longer control you. You have the freedom to be creative and optimistic with your thoughts. Making an error does not mean you have failed. An error is an indication that something needs to be revised or corrected. We live and learn through our experiences, so it’s a stepping stone that brings us closer to our goal.

Everything you need in this life is provided to you by the Creator. Your faith opens a doorway of blessings and opportunities to enter your life. There are no limitations in what you can do or achieve as a child of God. Complaining is for the weak and defeated. Complaints are nothing but affirmations of disappointment and hopelessness. Take back your power and decide to change your circumstances. You must speak and think of abundance confidently if you wish for it to manifest in your life.

The key to manifesting is to believe you can have it. Build yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually if you want your divine magic to show itself. Concentrate on your physical health by exercising and eating more healthily. A good workout with good food will raise your energy and your confidence. Take care of your mental health through meditation so no one can poison your mind with fear, doubt, and confusion. Spiritually, you want to stay connected to God. Speak your prayers into the universe and know if it’s in God’s will, it will be yours.

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Greetings Divine Spirit, I am Priestess Oyabatala, spiritual healer, motivator, and writer. In addition, I am a communicator to the spirit world and a deliverer of spiritual guidance. Welcome to this sacred place of self-discovery and spirituality.