Thinking about the day, and a message that I could pass along to you in the newsletter, I decided to pull a Tarot card for inspiration.

Seven of Pentacles - Patience

In the deck I typically use, The Robin Wood Tarot Deck, the Seven of Pentacles is shows a man standing in his garden, leaning on a hoe. The leaves of the plants, which look to be pumpkins, are fully grown, green, and healthy. The sun is shining and it really looks like a beautiful day on a mid-west farm in middle America.

Do you remember the song by the Byrds, "Turn, Turn, Turn"? There is a time and a season for everything.

This card always brings this song to mind, because it reminds me that many projects are like tending to a vegetable garden. There can be many tasks involved, such as preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, watering, fertilizing, and weeding. And then comes a time, perhaps late August (in our northern hemisphere), when there is little to do but to wait.

The fruit or vegetable is not fully ripe, the time to pluck it off the vine has not quite arrived. All you can do is wait. Patience is key here, because fruit that is picked too soon isn't as sweet and may not have the nutritional value that it will have in just a short while longer.

In the same way, we have projects at work or at home that may resemble this farming metaphor.

* You may have sent out your resume and gone through a series of interviews, and now you just have to wait to hear the decision.
* You may have a gotten medical check up and are awaiting results.
* You have put the finishing touches on your next best-selling book, and are waiting to hear from the publisher.
* You have apologized, sent flowers and candy, and now can only wait to hear from that someone special. (Or if you are Tiger, you have offered a huge sum of money and made public apologies...and are waiting to know whether you are still married or have a golfing career.)

You get the idea.

So, when the Seven of Pentacles is drawn from the Tarot deck, you can ask yourself these questions:

* Have I completed all the necessary foundational tasks for the project?
* How can I have more patience in waiting for a better, more ripened, result?
* Am I trying to pick the fruit before its season?
* How could I allow myself to feel satisfied with a job well-done, while still waiting for the final bounty from my efforts?
* What would it feel like to give myself permission to rest, take some hours or days off, or simply contemplate instead of being in action?

Perhaps you relate to some of the concepts presented by the Seven of Pentacles. If so, I hope you find a pleasant and relaxing way to spend some time today in anticipation of the delightful rewards of your efforts.

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