About: Tarot Affirmations are positive statements using the Tarot, to center ourselves while energizing our Mojo! My goal is to help invigorate higher vibrations with creative visualization for self-awareness, while enhancing one's perspective, confidence, and productivity. Becoming part of the imagery is a necessity as it allows all senses to be encountered. Proclaiming and vocalizing your personal statement out-loud 'seals your agreement' with the Universe. Disciplined practitioners sense a significant change within seventy-two hours of repeating the oath. Inexperienced users must understand that it can take a little longer until you find your own rhythm to encounter the magic of will and assertion.

Meditation: Sit for a few minutes alone, with eyes closed and a goal to relax. Calm all thoughts and emotions until you are aware of the quietness that surrounds you. With slow and deep breaths, feel yourself float into this calm energy, feeling your body and mind also adjusting to this quietness. All the noise disappears and you feel at peace. Pay attention to the soundless spirit, as you cleanse and exist with silence.

Visualization: Today's card image can assist you in this meditative affirmation, to help you make a choice in whatever situation that you may be experiencing. So whether you are ready to make some small shifts in a relationship, a change in your course with work, or dealing with an individual who you may be at odds with - this practice could prove to be beneficial.

Relax for a few minutes, closing your eyes, and with slow relaxing breaths, allow your mind to travel back in time. Search in your memory bank of the period when you were around 9-12 years old. Get in touch with the raw side of your true inner self. Imagine yourself, dressing for the weather when you were younger, excited to be going outside to play or just hang with friends. Experience the freedom you felt as you walked out the door, leaving parental restrictions, siblings, and everything else - behind you. You run out the door, ready to explore, looking for adventure in your day. Curiosity dares you to be more than who you are. You grab a stick on the way, your magic wand, as a protective friend in this walk. You have no fear of obstacles and challenges, and you have no interest in going back home into your comfort zone. Your gaze is completely forward, focused on the unfamiliar steps of the journey. In this very moment is where you can experience and know your true inner spirit. Your mind is crystal clear, and your heart is pumping with enthusiasm. No house rules, No law outside home. Just you, doing as YOU please, naturally. The only thing that you carry with you, is knowledge. Family morals, instructions when we approach a stranger, and knowing what is right and what is wrong to do. Think about yourself then. Enjoy this moment, allow fond memories to creep in, along with the things you use to do to entertain yourself, like neighbors, running across lawns, climbing trees, childhood friends, neighborhood pets, outdoorsy games, and even the childhood bullies.

When you were faced with challenges or blocks then - what was your natural instinct? Did you let anything really stop you? or Did you approach it anyway? Especially since no one is watching or correcting you, no parent protection, and no one to 'tell' on you. You did what came easy to you, because this is you. Your true style, and your purpose. No one is just like you. How did you react when everyone was doing something that you never did? Were you quiet and strategic? Friendly and chatty? Daring and curious? Imaginative and charming? or Restricted and fearful? Take a minute or two to reach that level of awareness with yourself. Know yourself. After you come to the realization of what lies within you as your true spirit, look at the Page of Wands. This is you. Fearless, happy, and ready to face the unknown!

Now bring in whatever challenging situation you are presently dealing with. How would you approach your problem if you were simply yourself, with nothing in your way? Your mind is clear, and your heart is pumping with enthusiasm. No rules. No laws. Just you, doing as YOU please, naturally. The only thing that you carry with you, is knowledge. Family morals, instructions when we approach a stranger, and knowing what is right and what is wrong to do. YOU are a special gift to the world, and in your circle of friends, family, and work. Find your place in the world again, and be your honest self. Your gift will help you face worries and fears, and create solutions for all the energy that you contain. Follow your own path, by knowing yourself and embracing your individuality and unique spirit.

Astrologically Speaking: Pluto just turned direct after five months in retrograde (or backward behavior). Pluto normally destroys what hinders us, but in retrograde, we may have experienced inner struggles as to what direction we were to face. Pluto is aware, careful, and has a keen eye. We had this energy available to us as were busy going over our options. Now with Pluto stationing and moving direct in her journey, we are also encouraged to make a choice as to what has been blocking us, and letting it go. We may decided to trash an unhealthy perspective, unclog toxic emotions, remove individuals, work situations, and so forth over the next weeks/months ahead. Mostly because we are more aware of our situation, thanks to Pluto. Pluto is an outer planet, and moves very slow in our orbit - so her effects on our lives are much deeper, intense, and transformative. Spiritual changes and enlightenment often happen, to help us to find our true path and way back home when we are lost.

Whether you have made a recent big change in our life, or about to - connect with your playful soul and let the Page of Wands help you get back on track. Listen to your heart, but also trust it. You have something to learn from this walk in life, so get on your bike, and ride out to find it. And always know that you have a choice, and you can either be a follower and just ride with everyone else, or you be a little renegade, and lead your own way. It is your life and your path, so choose well and be happy! If it isn't so great, you can always try something different tomorrow!

Affirmations: While being one with yourself, announce your trusted affirmation:

I follow my heart.
I make it happen to find success.
I create my own destiny.
I am experiencing and learning today, cause who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Now go get your mantra on!

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Astrological Happenings is written by Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, Intuitive Tarot Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor. She is available for personalized consultations, and delivers professional service, informative insight, with friendly guidance. Call her at 724-832-9283 or visit her website: http://www.starcana.com