As with many problem areas of the face which can be strengthened and toned using face exercises, cheeks can be lifted, smoothed and plumped up.

The form your skin takes on is dictated by a supportive mesh which makes up the whole underlying structure of your face. It consists of numerous muscles which are inter-woven and connected to the skin through connective tissue.

Over time, our skin loses it's springy, plump appearance of youth and starts to submit to the pull of gravity. The underlying structure starts to weaken as connective tissues and facial muscles begin to atrophy and stretch, leading to loose, sagging skin and the onslaught of wrinkles.

As we exercise our face, it is important to maintain a balance, equally toned appearance. Being inter-woven, the muscles support and often work together to perform several different movements, so to gain the best results it is vital to work all the muscles of the face equally.

Practicing specialized resistance techniques on specific isolated muscle groups of the face, exercises cheeks, chin, eyes, mouth, neck and brow muscles, to create an overall workout which will result in a firmer, lifted, younger looking face.

The major and minor zygomatic muscles make up the main cheek area, running from the top of the cheek bone area just above the ear, down to the upper corner of the mouth. They pull the corners of your mouth toward your ears, creating a smile.

As we age, a main culprit of the appearance of nose to mouth lines and folds, as well as a softening jawline, is the loss of tone and structure of these zygomatic muscles. You may also develop hollow, sunken cheeks which leave the skin lined and sallow. Building these muscles can help you re-gain more youthful looking, smoother, fuller cheeks.

As each pair of zygomatic muscles are involved in supporting the lower half of your face, their strength and health can also influence the appearance of the surrounding areas of the face i.e. the mouth and nasal areas, as well as the jawline.

Help to strengthen cheek muscles by regularly performing this one quick exercise:

  1. In front of a mirror, sit or stand looking straight ahead
  2. On either side of the corners of your mouth, press down firmly with the first three fingers of each hand
  3. This will create resistance for the muscles to work against
  4. Without allowing your fingers to move, keep your mouth closed and attempt to stretch the corners of your mouth up towards your eyes
  5. Isolate the movement, do not clench your teeth or screw up your eyes
  6. Hold for a count of 5, relax but do not remove your fingers
  7. Repeat 10 times

To instantly revive a stressed, tired looking face, slightly raise your eyebrows (not too far – you don't want to crease your brow, or look surprised!) and pull back your ears using your scalp muscles, to give your face a more lifted, open look. By making this habitual you will be constantly strengthening and toning these muscles without even thinking about it!

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I have spent the last 25 years practicing and developing my facial exercise programme which contains specialized muscle resistance techniques to naturally lift and tone all areas of the face and neck. I now teach facial exercises on a one-to-one basis as well as group classes.

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