This story is a wonderful of using EFT to help a client receive wonderful results and postpone his needed surgery..

I recently worked with a client, Harold, a gentleman in his 70’s whose doctor had told him that he had a heart arrhythmia -irregular heart beat. His doctor was monitoring him for surgery for a pace maker. Harold’s strong negative emotions for the surgery made him open to “try anything” (within reason) - which is why, a fairly conservative man was open to try tapping. I had him watch Gary Craig’s video on this very subject from the Foundational Library series. Sometimes....seeing is believing...and this video definitely helped make Harold open to tapping.

His heart rate was irregular and in the 50’s. I muscle (energy) tested him and he was reversed about wanting a strong, steady heart rate. I used the reversal on him and energy tested him again. He was much stronger.

We tapped on his “irregular heart rate” and in between rounds he took his pulse, instead of giving me an intensity level. Also, we tapped on his fear of needing a pacemaker. We saw his heart rate become stronger and stronger. When we finished the session, his pulse was solid and in the 60’s. He wanted a heart rate in the 80’s.

I gave him tapping homework, which he did everyday. He called me a month after our session, after his doctor’s appointment. His blood pressure was strong and solid, his blood clotting time had improved and his pulse was in the 80’s. His doctor cut his blood pressure medicine in half. Of course, Harold will continue to be monitored by his doctor, but EFT has helped improve his health (and peace of mind). Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation thru my website at www.successcoachingwithKate.com

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Kate is a Success Coach helping people eliminate whatever obstacles are blocking their success. The powerful technique she use's is a Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT- which includes Emotional Freedom Techniques- EFT). Typically, she works with clients with stress related issues that have resulted in emotional and physical problems and helps them clear these out. Kate combines the Law of Attraction with tapping to get the ultimate results.
Her radio show, "Tapping to Success with Kate", can be heard on 1120 AM (in Boston) and also available over the internet worldwide.
Contact Kate for a free 15 minute consultation through her website at www.successcoachingwithKate.com