Live the Life you want by Tapping into the Wonders of your Brain

When I became a teenager, heading toward Adult life I had some very definite ideas of how I wanted to live my life.

I wanted to marry someone that I truly loved and who loved me, as well as like me:

I wanted to do something with my life that was meaningful and had a greater purpose. So at 18 years of age, I run away from home to begin this life.

Now 43 years later, I have a loving husband and family, whilst enjoying a very rewarding career.

For each of you, you come into the world, this little bundle of joy. However what emerges from this moment is very different for each of us.

During your journey from this moment to where you are now. You have been through so many various experiences. These experiences with their level of joy, happiness, significant influences, pain, trauma, anger, frustration and the list can go on. All of this information is collected within your very essence, your brain and your soul.

How You Decide to Perceive this Information is the Bricks and Mortar you will use to Build Your Life

This information is recorded and stored within the subconscious part of your brain. Your subconscious brain doesn't decipher the difference between good or bad experiences or negative or positive. This is felt in your heart, your core essence, your intuition. It is learning to listen to these inward messages then relating them to your conscious mind that gives you the leverage, desire and determination to either make things better, different. Giving you the ability to put into place the things that you know are good or positive. These are the things to become determined about putting into your life.

For example you may well have had some very bad experiences Now whether you allow these to be your core beliefs as to how life will be or not is what is known as "Your Choice". You may well decide that you do not want to focus on the bad experiences as being your foundation for life. But to be your learning curve of how you don't want your life to be. Putting into play the good and happier more positive experiences that you have experienced. By making this decision about how you want to build your life. Making your core desire to be that of making your life better and more positive. Allowing all experiences to be a learning curve and foundation to building the life you truly desire.

So it is not necessarily your experiences that will determine the outcome of your adult life. It is your determination of what you want to do with those experiences. Learning to appreciate the experiences that were bad or negative because of the foundation they gave you to build a different life for YOU.

Your Brain's Unique Structuring of your Sub conscious Mind: Many of you as children may well remember the essence of day dreaming. This can be a protective mechanism that allows your brain to either heal thought processes, put them into a different compartment(forgetting) or change them to something more passive and easier to cope with.

Today in the adult world we call day dreaming - meditating. Allowing your mind to have a holiday to experience the very essence and core of life plus your inner you.

The information that you take in, enters your brain through a portal known as the reticular activating system. This is located in your brain stem. It contributes to things such as control of sleep, walking, what sex you are, breathing, eating and most importantly it controls consciousness. Your reticular activating system filters incoming information, also affecting what you pay attention to. Effectively sorting what is important from what is not important. To what you pay attention to, it is also linked to your belief system which is the framework of your subconscious.

You are uniquely born already with an internal set of programmed beliefs: allowing you to know what is right from wrong, what is good from bad. So this reticular activating system will work diligently to prevent your subconscious mind from seeing anything that does not align with your internal belief system.

So what happens when these Set of Beliefs Don’t Align with our Experiences!

This becomes problematic for you, making it difficult to make positive decisions that are going to give you a good outcome.

Your beliefs become limited and these are the beliefs, thoughts or feelings that you just wish would go away. Looking at your life from this perspective, you tend to believe that for you to have a successful life isn’t easy or even worse still not possible.

Watching, what you consider to be successful people from this perspective leads you to believe that their life must have been a lot easier or more privileged than yours.

Don't be alarmed, it is normal. Most of us have been programmed on a condition based 5 sensory thinking. That relies on stimuli externally that this in turn determines our reality, allowing the physical world to be our key informant. This sets your thinking into focusing on your life as a series of conditions or circumstances.

When you think in this way you continue to reinforce patterns of negative activities and behaviours. This becoming your default program.

The Good News!

You have 5 wonderful senses: These include your imagination, intuition, your desires, your dreams and your power of perception.

By designing your programming to use these 5 senses, your inner self then expands your thinking beyond this, allowing you to focus on your heart's desires for the life you want.

This is what will help you to overcome even the worst of hurdles and pain you may have experienced in your life.

The Most Important Thing for You to Do!!!

Your Internal Torch: The Most Important thing first to do is to "Believe that inside of you is a Powerful Internal Torch". You can switch this torch on by changing your thoughts.

Belief: Now I am not going to say this is going to be easy, it takes a lot of work physically, mentally and spiritually just believing that what I am telling you is true. Whilst believing and continually reaffirming to yourself that "You Can Do It!"

Exercise for Mental Fitness: There is a definite parallel to mental fitness and physical fitness so engaging in an exercise program even something as easy as a daily walk for 30 – 60 minutes a day will improve your emotions, how you think and how you see the world.

Manage Information Going In: The next step is to manage the information that you allow to be absorbed by your brain. If you want to become a more positive, loving and kind person. Then you need to read such books, watch movies that are about love and kindness. You need to limit what you watch on T.V, reading of newspapers and watching the daily news. Remembering that every minute of every day is the chance for you to change to being, doing and communicating the way in which you want to that makes you feel peaceful, happy and alive.

Focus: Focus and concentrate on things that are going to make you feel good and that are good for you long term, not in the short term. As many things that bring short term gratification, will bring you long term grief.

Support: Understand that it always a good idea to have a person whom you are responsible to for becoming the person you want to become. This can be a counsellor, life coach, partner or friend. Sometimes we need more than one person and that is OK. The important thing to remember is not to become high maintenance to others, they can only help to the degree the things that you want to change. You have the key to your own successful life.


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