By Ed Kuiper, D.Met, EFT-ADV

Every so often in our lives, we are introduced to something that dramatically changes how we view our health and how we take care of ourselves. I had one of those introductions in 2004 when I received a special newsletter written by a very knowledgeable doctor. There was an article in the newsletter that really stood out. The article described the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It told me that EFT is a simple, easy to learn technique of focusing on an issue or problem you might have and then tapping certain points (meridians) on your face, hands and body. It also told me that the results generally were immediate over 80% of time with your issues and problems simply dissolving and disappearing, never to return.

Was I skeptical? You bet I was, but I also was very intrigued. So I dug in and researched EFT to find out exactly how it works. I also took the time to learn the actual tapping technique. What I found out was this technique can be used on a multitude of issues such as physical pain, depression, grief, fear, insomnia, addictions, stress, abuse memories and anxiety just to name a few. It is not limited and it does not matter how long you have had your issues. Not only can most of them be tapped away, but it's painless and easy.

I also learned the reason why EFT works. As you focus on your problem or issue, the tapping releases negative energy related to it which literally has been caught up in your energy system. In other words, the pressing issues and problems that really are bothering you get caught up and hang around in your energy system unless you release them somehow. The bottom line here is that EFT works and the results are excellent.

It is important to note that EFT still is a work in progress with much research being about why it works, but work - it does! You also need to know there are no guarantees it will always work. It works for "most" people.

As you might surmise, I was pretty much in a state of "wow" after learning about EFT and how it worked. Yet to be honest, there still was little nagging skepticism lurking in my mind because it almost was too good to be true. I also recognized I had never seen it actually work on anybody and learning about something and doing it are entirely different things. Well that was about to change.

Soon after I learned EFT, my wife Pam complained to me that she was having severe pain in both of her upper arms (a result of fibromyalgia). I realized I was being given an opportunity to use EFT here and see it actually work.. maybe? We both agreed that it was worth a try. Well, I did one round of EFT tapping on Pam and asked her if her pain was any better. She had a very sheepish grin on her face as she told me.. My pain is gone! And it was! It was gone!! We both stood there in amazement.

The next day Pam and I were at a spiritual class we attend every week and I had the opportunity to tell everyone in the class how EFT had taken Pam's pain away. The excitement in the class was palatable, so much so that the teacher then asked me to teach EFT at the next class. At that class, some amazing healings occurred as I used EFT on several of the class members. For example:

The teacher's severely swollen left eye was healed with the swelling going down
immediately and the redness and watering disappearing right in front of our

The "hate" a class member still held for a girl who called her fat when
she was 12 years old dissolved and the class member broke into tears of
forgiveness feeling she wanted to call the girl and apologize for her long
lasting hate now that it was gone.

A class member with an amputated leg and severe phantom pain had his pain
completely disappear within one minute making him pain free for the first time
since his amputation.

My uncertainty and skepticism about EFT now had turned to great optimism. Using EFT on Pam and on my fellow classmates had changed my life. The end result was I decided I wanted to become an EFT practitioner and help anyone who requests my help. Since then I have had a chance to use EFT with hundreds of people. I have seen physical pain, depression, fear, grief, anxiety, stress, addictions and more literally disappear while using EFT. I also have taught many workshops on how to use EFT so the attendees could become practitioners like myself. This has resulted in the formation of "My Healing Team" which is an organization of EFT practitioners in Southwestern Florida who are available to anyone requesting their help.

To summarize, EFT is a wonderful healing modality you definitely should consider learning about and using if have issues or problems you just can't seem to get rid of. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, especially if nothing else has worked to your satisfaction.

Author's Bio: 

Ed Kuiper is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. As founder and CEO of seveal national companies, Ed spent over 40 years immersed in the business world. After selling the last of his companies in 2004, he was powerfully drawn into the field of metaphysics where he studied multimple healing modalities. He currently is Director of "My Healing Team" which he organized in 2006 to provide healing energy for people worldwide. Visit their website (www.myhealingteam.com) for events, classes, healing sessions and more
information about EFT.